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— Update May, 21, 2020 : Due to the pandemic some things are limited like going to the playground, library or summer festivals. Hope you all remain safe during the summer. —-

Fun Summer Activities For Kids of All Ages

School is out and summer is in! We all know that children require a lot of attention and entertainment during the summer. Let’s try and make the summer as fun as possible. These are all the activities that will create a memorable fun-filled summer that want break the bank.

1. Discover new parks in your area!

If you have a favorite park, switch it up and discover a new park. My son loves going to different parks and seeing what each park has to offer. If you don’t have a lot of different parks in your area, bring different activities to the park for a little extra fun. You can try drawing pictures of the things around you, blowing bubbles, acting out your favorite storybook in the park, playing Frisbee or any other fun activity.

2. Have a picnic!

You can go to your front yard under a big tree, go to a big open space or a park. Get the little one involved and let him decide what things to have for the picnic. And the little one can also pack the picnic bag or basket as well. Make it a fun little adventure for kids by adding games and activities and even some sweet treats like a Popsicle.

3. Scavenger Hunts.

This is a fun activity for all ages. You can do this outside or in the house. And you can do this several different ways.

One way is to hide 3-6 clues around the house or outside to find a big prize. Depending on age, you may have to read the clue to them so make sure it is simple enough for them to understand. You can even have candy next to the clues to get the kids excited about the next clue and the big prize. If you’re doing this outside, you can attach the clues to trees, have a heavy rock hold down the clues or have another adult handing out clues.

Another way is to hide things that they really like around the house or outside like books, a treat, toys, coloring activity or anything that your kid likes. You would write clues about what the thing is and where to find it.

Because you can do this game so many ways, it never gets boring! With this activity, you have to think of the hints, hide the items and also facilitate the game.

4. Nature Walk!

If the weather is nice, go out and explore. We have several nature trails in our area for walking, running, or biking. But if you don’t have access to a nature trail, just take a walk outside with your children. Adults put those phones away and talk about the trees, the season, rocks, sticks, birds or anything that you all come across. If your child has a book that talks about summer, outdoors or nature, bring that along and point out the similarities on your walk. This is a great way to get a breath of fresh air, exercise and learn.

5. Get in the kitchen and make some cool sweet treats.

It gets extremely hot in GA during the summer so making cool sweat treats is the way to go. You can make fruit or yogurt Popsicles, ice-cream, Jell-O, sweet-tea or anything that you all enjoy. It is a great fun activity and promotes emotional development and helps them learn math and language skills. So, be sure to tell the child what each step is while preparing the sweet treat and also let them measure out the ingredients.

6. Bubbles.

Enjoy some bubbles this summer! Get you a bubble machine and let it blow as many bubbles as it can. The kids will enjoy running through the bubbles, popping the bubbles and trying to count the bubbles. You can also get the bubbles with the wand and try to make the biggest bubbles ever! You can even find a cool recipe and make bubbles at home if you’re feeling a little adventurous. It will keep your kids entertained for some time.

7. Enjoy some pool time!

Go to to a public pool, enjoy your own pool or buy a kiddie pool for the yard. It is a great way to cool off and get out the house. There are numerous pool games so find one that you like and have the best time ever! You can even make up and create your own pool games as well.

8. Chalk It Up.

Have fun with chalk this summer. You can buy the chalk sticks, buy outdoor chalk paint or make your own outdoor chalk paint. It is a lot of fun to be outside and to create different things. You can even play Hopscotch, guess what I’m drawing or tic-tac-toe.

This is a video of us having fun with the Discovery Outdoor Chalk Paint set.

9. Splash Park.

Find a water-park or splash park in your area or create one at home. We have several splash parks in our area where we can cool off under sprinklers. It is a lot of fun running through the sprinklers. If you don’t have a splash park in your area, you can buy water-slides, water sprinklers or the like for your yard. If you’re in an apartment with limited yard space, you might have to get a little creative. You might have to find hand water sprayers or spray bottles and use those.

10. Visit a Local Library.

They have a ton of activities for the summer. Just check with your local library and see what activities are happening. Some activities may require prior registration. Our library offers Story-time, arts and crafts activities, puppet shows and more.

11. Check Out the Fire Station.

Check with your local fire station to see if and when they do tours. Your little one can learn a little more about the job and fire safety. They get to see and maybe even sit in the firetruck, try on the equipment and have a lot of fun.

12. Summer Festivals Galore.

Simply search family fun summer festivals in your area in a Google search and plan to go to a couple. We have been to a few festivals and almost all of them have been free to enter. You may have to pay for the rides or food so plan-ahead. These festivals usually include a children’s area, live entertainment and just a lot of family fun.

13. Painting with Spray Bottles.

Fill spray bottles with washable paint and spray on a big sheet of paper or a canvas and see what you can create. This is probably best done outside. If you choose to do this inside, cover your work space.

14. Puppet Show.

Have fun creating your own puppet show. You can make your own hand puppets or buy puppets. You can get creative by making your own hand puppets using a sock, your hand, paper bag or any material that you have on hand. There are a ton of examples of how to make hand puppets on YouTube and the internet, so you may have to do a little research with this one. For even more fun, you can create a puppet theatre for your hand puppet using a cardboard box. Have your child or children prepare a puppet show for a parent, grandparent, friend or younger sibling. I have a 4-year-old and we will be creating a puppet show for his baby brother.

15. Create your own storybook!

There are several storybook kits out there that you can buy. You can also just use paper and markers and bind it together with a stapler or tape. If you have a little one that is not writing, have them draw the pictures and the adult can write the story for the child. It is a great way to use their imagination, learn writing skills and how to communicate their ideas. For this activity, you can also buy blank books or a journal.

These are all the inexpensive activities that you can use to create a fun-filled summer.


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