20 Fun Facts About Raylan Christopher

Raylan will be 4 in exactly a month and I cannot believe it. He will also be starting Pre-K in a couple of weeks and it doesn’t seem real. It seems that he grew overnight and it has been amazing to see him go from this little baby that couldn’t do anything to this little man that can do so much by himself. In honor of Raylan becoming a big brother and his birthday being a month away, I decided to do a blog all about him! I have included some interesting fun facts about Raylan!


1. Raylan is an entertainer. He loves to dance, sing and perform and just overall likes making people laugh.

2. His favorite song is Call Me Maybe. This song automatically lightens his mood when he hears it. This song was very popular around the time he was born and has always been the go to song to keep him calm and cheer him up.

3. His favorite color his purple.

4. He enjoys any show on PBS Kids and Nick Jr. networks. Paw Patrol being his favorite.

5. He loves animals. His 3rd birthday was at a zoo and he has a nice toy animal collection.

6. He does not enjoy long walks at all.

7. Raylan is very inquisitive. He always want to know the why behind the what.

8. He loves to draw. Give him a piece of paper and drawing utensil and that imagination goes wild.

9. He loves telling stories and I can see writing in his future. A lot like his mommy you can say.

10. He absolutely hates taking photos now so getting great photos of him is hard.

11.  Legos are his absolute favorite things ever! I enjoy seeing him build different things.

12. He enjoys reading and trips to the bookstore and library. He likes books about monsters and big bad wolves the most.

13. Raylan would rather have a Caesar salad than chicken tenders. He’s kind of a picky eater.

14.  His favorite holidays are Halloween and Christmas. Halloween because it’s scary and he likes ghosts. And he enjoys Christmas because of Santa and the music.

15. He listens to a variety of music and can dance to any of them. He listens to Pop, rock, country, R&B, gospel, hip-hop and rap. He just enjoys good music.

16. He is a talker. He talks and fusses 24/7 besides when he’s asleep.

17. He is outgoing but shy. He is shy when you first meet him but once you get to know him, you see his lively personality.

18. He loves anything dealing with Superheros especially Hulk and Ninja Turtles.

19. He is a runner and he is very fast. I see track in his future.

20. His name is a combination of Mom and Dad’s name. Mommy’s name is Joshlyn and Daddy’s name is Ryan and somewhere in the middle we came up with Raylan.


I could go on and on but I won’t bore you with any more details. As I’ve watched him grow and being pregnant again, I wonder what the next baby will be like. Raylan is definitely a turnt up party 24/7 so I wonder if the next baby will be calm or exactly like him, always ready to party. I am excited to see Raylan transition into the role of big brother since he has wanted a little sister for awhile now. Raylan is my little ray of sonshine and I couldn’t imagine life without him. So here’s a blog all about you!




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