I started this year thinking there was this mysterious person I had to find.  That there was a “Joshlyn” just out in the world waiting on me to find her.  I discovered that life is not about finding but creating.  Four years ago, I gave birth to my son and adopted this identity of being a mom but there is more to me than being a mom.  Being a mom is a huge part of me, but I have other interests and talents that I sidelined as I became consumed with being a mom.  I put “me” on the back burner in a sense and I wanted to find and discover this “me.”

I started this year thinking I would go to a certain school, major in a certain major, get a raise and finally move out into my own place and be independent. And then nothing went according to plan.  I had a job that didn’t value my talents and I worked extremely hard in this position to prove myself and then my position was eliminated, and I was laid off.  Shortly after losing my job, I found out I was pregnant. As crazy as this sounds, this pregnancy news brought joy to my life even though I was very uncertain about my future.

My layoff taught me to never settle for less whether it comes to friendships, relationships or my career and to always value myself and put me first.  Because of the things that went wrong in my life, I discovered me.  Meaning that I created the person I wanted to be because I was tired of putting myself down and hating myself for my many flaws.  I begin to define my goals, discover my interests, join extracurricular activities and begin to love the flaws instead of being ashamed of my flaws.  One of my biggest flaws is my teeth and I don’t smile a lot because I have a crack in the front.  But I’ve learned to love and accept my imperfect teeth until I’m able to afford to change it. Creating the person I want to become definitely has been the biggest highlight of my year. I have become a more positive person because of this change and I can admit I was a huge complainer in my past.

I just want to highlight all the good things that happened to my family and I this year.  I am looking forward to the new year as I continue to grow and glow.  Despite the trials and tribulations, 2017 was a good year for me.

These are the highlights from my year:

My credit journey: This journey has not been easy, but I am glad I started this journey 6 months ago.  Being able to raise my score from 415 to 600 has been a highlight this year.  I have a lot more work to do but I am incredibly proud of how far I’ve come.  Starting this journey changed my life.

– Pregnancy: I am so happy to be adding to my family and I can’t wait to see his little face. This was the biggest surprise of 2017 and I have really enjoyed this pregnancy and now I’m ready for little man’s big arrival in the new year.


Relationship with my mother: Our relationship has been rocky since my pregnancy with Raylan, but I feel this year we have gotten back on the right track. It feels good to be back closer to my mom and she has been so amazing and so supportive this pregnancy.

– Raylan started Pre-K: Raylan has started his school journey and I still cannot believe it.  He’s such a big boy now but sometimes all I see is my little baby. He has learned so much already and I’m proud of the student he has become in these short months.

My layoff: Some might think this was a low point for me.  But nope this was a highlight for me.  Being in that toxic job taught me a lot of valuable lessons, one being to always go after what I want and not just settle for a paycheck.  That job made me feel worthless and like I wasn’t good enough just because I didn’t have a Bachelor’s degree even though my work proved otherwise. It was a horrible feeling working that job day in and day out so leaving that job offered a huge relief. I didn’t even realize how the job made me feel until I was completely done with it.

– Our Jumbled Thoughts: I started my blog as an outlet and to share and keep up with memories of my everyday life. I never expected to have people reading my blog and enjoying my content. Writing has always been my passion and it’s one of the things I put on the back burner. I’m glad I’m back to writing and doing something I love.  Thank you to all my supporters that are reading and enjoying my content.  I really do appreciate you all!

– Reconnecting with Ryan: Ryan moved to Atlanta this year.  Our relationship is complicated right now but because of the move I know what I want out of a relationship and partner.  Seeing Ryan and Raylan bond as father and son has been amazing.


– Creating Me: I know my worth and I know what I deserve.  I have my goals in hand and I’m ready to conquer the world.  Believing in me and my talents didn’t come easy at first, but I put in the work to discover myself and I’m proud of that and proud of the woman that I am and becoming.


– Associates Degree: I was awarded my degree back in 2015 but I never received the actual degree.  This year, I decided to finally go through the process of getting my degree.  I wasn’t proud of my degree at first because I felt I was so behind my peers and kind of ashamed how long it was taking to get my degree.  But, it was nothing like holding the actual degree in my hands and explaining to my son what it meant.  He was there from the very beginning, so it was an accomplishment for us both. After this experience, I have learned to be proud of every milestone in my life no matter how big or small the milestone is.


– Events Galore: We attended a lot of events this year and I have enjoyed all the time I’ve spent with Raylan and I know if I hadn’t been laid off, none of that would have been possible. Raylan and I have had a fun year to say the least. From sprinting in a Superhero race with matching T-shirts to watching Raylan learn how to swim, 2017 has been eventful.



I look forward to the new year for a lot of different reasons and just looking forward to getting my life back on track.  I want to be more passionate about my passion in the new year by growing my audience and maybe even publishing a book. I have a lot of goals that I want to accomplish as it relates to my credit, family, financial stability, school and career so I’m excited to see what the new year has to offer me. I put in a lot of work this year and I just hope to see everything manifest in the new year.

Despite the many challenges and even the hardships I currently face, 2017 was a good year for my family.  I look forward to the new year and know that things are only going to go up from this point.  I hope you can look back at 2017 and see all your highlights and realize the year wasn’t as bad as you thought.  Remember to always see the positive in every situation and although every moment in life is not great, life is still great and worth living.


Happy New Year’s to you all!

Hope you all enjoyed the blog!


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