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Not sharing enough for fear of oversharing

My biggest mistake in the four years I’ve been creating content is not sharing my content enough. I was scared to flood feeds and overshare. But as a person making content across different platforms, I do have a lot to share and shouldn’t have been so afraid. Recently, I’ve been sharing a lot and it’s doing me some good. Now, I’m kicking myself for not doing this sooner. How are people going to know what to support if you don’t share what you have going on? With the algorithm constantly changing, it’s good to share at all times of the day because people might honestly miss a post.

Concentrating on My Facebook Friends

This was my biggest mistake. The world is bigger than your circle. Your people might not be on your Facebook friend list but they are out there. It’s on you to find your people and sometimes your people find you. I’ve spent years sharing my posts on my Facebook page hoping people engage and share my posts. And I did get a few friends to do that and I’m grateful for that. But my reach could have been bigger if I shared outside of my Facebook page. Instagram has been my favorite platform to share because I feel I can reach so many without paying for ads. With Facebook, I feel like I can’t reach as many without ads. I’m finally learning about social media and how powerful the tool is when used correctly. In the beginning, I didn’t understand the importance of eye-catching posts, hashtags, captions, and paying attention to what the audience gravitates towards.

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Being Afraid To Put Myself Out There

Self-doubt and fear put me behind as a content creator. I know as a content creator that’s not creating trendy content that I’m going against the grain. So, I’ve always doubted my content and second-guessed everything. Even if I put the content out there, I was scared to share it. The lighting wasn’t perfect, my teeth look bad, nobody wants to see what I’m putting out or this isn’t good content. Negative self-talk only harms you not help. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there! Even if there are negative comments, block and delete them. And some comments help you grow as a content creator as well. Even if you don’t have the most perfect setup, just put the content out there. There are so many content creator starter kits, inexpensive lights and microphones, and cute fabrics you can use to make a great setup for filming. If you are a blogger, invest in editing software and graphic design software.

Jumping on Trends vs Setting the Trend

At the beginning of the journey, everyone said to pay attention to the numbers, research the trends and be trendy. Everybody had a trick to get monetized but then things got harder. That’s when I realized it’s more important to set the trend than follow the trend. The thing about trends is they come and go. It’s more important to make timeless content. I focused more on being genuine with my content, creating whatever I wanted, and no longer paying attention to the numbers. Not jumping on the trends means I will grow at a slower pace but I’m okay with that. For example, I have a toy review channel and those seem to be a thing of the past. Now it’s all about skits, challenges, and pranks and I’m not jumping on that trend. So, I have to figure out how to constantly pivot when it comes to YouTube especially. And one thing I didn’t want was a one-hit video. Where people only flocked to one particular video but didn’t care too much about the channel or the other videos on the channel. I’m still learning so much but creating content I love that is timeless has been key for me.

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Not Gaining Genuine Support

Do not make the mistake of sub for sub. Or posting your blog to a platform to get other readers in exchange for reading your blog. I mean you can do this but it’s just a lot of work. What you want is a genuine following that will support your blog and channels and content. As soon as you post, they are clicking to watch. And not only are they doing that, but they are also browsing your blog for other things to read. Or they are checking out your channel for more videos. Nothing I love more than seeing the same people comment on a video because I know I’m building a following. With sub for sub, people will only watch a video one time to subscribe and gain a subscriber but they are not checking out the content every time you post. Genuine supporters are key!

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog about the five mistakes I have made as a content creator. I am still growing and learning so much but this journey has been something else.

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