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I have been reading to my one-year-old since he was born. Now that he’s a toddler, I love to watch him point to images in a book and get excited about what’s happening in a story. Toddlers are very curious and books are a great way for them to learn about things around them. My toddler enjoys books about nature, trucks, cars and dinosaurs. The seven books I am sharing today are the books my toddler reaches for most when it’s time to settle down for storytime.

Here are 7 fun books to add to your toddler’s bookshelf !

Airport by Byron Barton

My toddler loves to look up at the sky and point to the airplanes. We found this really cute book that tells him all about the airport and airplanes in a simple way that he can understand. It shows the excitement of arriving to the airport, the process of boarding a plane and the takeoff of an airplane. It has bold and colorful images that draws my toddler in from the beginning of the book to the very end of the book.

Link: http://goto.target.com/NVeqv

Dinosaur Dig! by Penny Dale

If your toddler is as obsessed with dinosaurs as mine is, this book is perfect for them. It’s the perfect little board book to add to their bookshelf. This book is full of dinosaurs that are buy digging, scraping and spraying. It is filled with colorful images and lots of action. It is a fun story that will also teach counting from 1 to 10.

Link: http://goto.target.com/M1kL3

The Fire Cat by Esther Averill

This book is best for beginning readers but my toddler loves reaching for this book. My toddler is currently obsessed with firetrucks and firefighters so he loves this book. It has big text that is perfect for beginning readers. This book is a little lengthy for a toddler but the images are great and we read a couple of pages at a time. The book follows Pickles, a young cat, that is adopted by the firehouse and tries to be the best fire cat that he can be. I think it’s a cute little story and a book your toddler can grow to love.

Link: http://goto.target.com/DrqNo

A Day at the Beach: A Book of 123s

Books are a great way for little ones to learn and this book is perfect for that. Little learners can count clouds in the sky, sandwiches for a picnic, a school of fish, and more from the seashore. Toddlers will love learning their numbers, from one clownfish to twenty seashells. What I love most about this book is the bold imagery and that they include things that toddlers can identity like kites and sailboats. It’s a great book to teach about numbers and counting.

Link: http://goto.target.com/jg5Lv

How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon? by Jane Yolen & Mark Teague

A playful story with amusing pictures about what happens when a dinosaur gets sick. It is a hilarious dinosaur tale that is supposed to ease children’s fears of being sick and going to the doctor’s. I enjoy reading this very silly book to my toddler. It has bold images and large text and really captures my toddler’s attention.

Link: http://goto.target.com/53qN9

20 Big Trucks In The Middle Of The Street by Mark Lee

This book is my toddler’s absolute favorite book. He is currently obsessed with trucks and this book features 20 different trucks. I love that the images are realistic and shows trucks that we see everyday. This is a story about how 1 truck breaks down and how 19 other trucks are now stuck in the middle of the street. A kid’s bright idea and a special truck saves the day. It is a really cute story that teaches counting and problem solving.

Link: http://goto.target.com/eGQWD

Tiny Creatures Touch & Feel Book by Natalie Marshall

I absolutely love books like this. Touch and feel books are always a lot of fun. It is a great hands on experience for toddlers. Each page has a different texture and your toddler will get a chance to learn about tiny critters and baby animals.

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Tiny-Creatures-Touch-Natalie-Marshall/dp/1435159357&ved=2ahUKEwiZ_4Ge8svlAhUBTd8KHTlLCToQFjAJegQIAhAB&usg=AOvVaw3it80428qXPgNDfPBcWqcs

Hope you all enjoyed reading about the 7 fun books to add to your toddler’s bookshelf!


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