*Update: This place is currently closed and it opens again, I’ll update again. We’ll miss this place for sure.*

My sons and I recently discovered Jack n’ Elle Playhouse. I was just browsing the web looking for a new indoor playground to try out for my youngest son’s birthday. I saw the pictures and the raving reviews and knew I had to check out this place. We recently moved to the Tucker area and I was shocked this place was only a few minutes away from us. We have been looking for something fun for the boys to do in the area that won’t break the bank. I am so happy that we found Jack n’ Elle Playhouse.

As soon as you walk in the door, you are met with friendly staff and then you glance over and see this amazing play area. My sons were jumping up and down ready to play as I signed us in.

It was just such an amazing experience. There are plenty of places where you can set up and work as the little ones play. This space is the right size and I’m able to watch my child from every spot of the room. It was a great chance for Ray and Ry to play with other kids and I can talk to adults. Everyone was super friendly and the atmosphere was so welcoming.

I love that there is something for everyone. There are things for imaginative play and physical play. This place even offers yoga and art and I will have to try that out the next time that I’m there.

It is $10 for kids ages 1 and up and $5 for those under 1. The great part is that you can play all day. You can leave and come back to the PlaySpace without paying again and I love that.

This facility has an amazing restroom area and as a mom, that really matters to me. The restroom had extra wipes and diapers if you needed them. It was nice, clean and spacious. I usually hate going to public restrooms but this restroom resembled a bathroom in a home and I love that.

This place is perfect for children ages 0-8. It is a nut free facility. It also offers free WIFI. I do wish there was a little more padding for when the kids come down the slide but we used bean bags as cushions.

I think this is the perfect place to take your little ones. My boys absolutely loved this place and I can’t wait for us to go back.

More Information:

Jack n’ Elle Playhouse

2852 LaVista Road, Decatur, GA 30033

Website: Jack n’ Elle Website



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