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Recently, I had to buy my sons new clothes for the summer. We have a Target up the street and I decided to stop in really quick to find them shorts and tees. What I like most about this brand is that the clothes fit true to size and don’t shrink much in the dryer. The pieces I found were between $4 and $9 so very affordable. Check out my blog to see summer Finds for toddler Boy and Little boy.

Toddler Boys Finds

For my two year old, we bought sizes 4T and 5T. He’s a big guy and these sizes fit him just right. He couldn’t fit anything from last year so he needed a lot of new shorts and tees and even sandals.

The shirts were $4.50 and the pull on tan pants were only $6.00.

Link to Always Awesome: goto.target.com/RM9VX

Link to Yellow Striped Shirt: goto.target.com/yX1NN

Tan pull on pants: goto.target.com/7vNgY

This is Ry wearing the shorts and the tees. He loves that the pants have pockets.

There were so many cute shorts in the store so I had to grab a few. The material of these shorts are so soft and comfortable. I love that the pants are pull on and easy for potty training.

Link to see all the shorts they have for toddlers: goto.target.com/QMQ1a

Just showing the fit of the shorts. Super cute!

These Chino shorts were $8.00. These have a tighter fit than the other shorts but still comfortable for play.

My absolute favorite tee, it says Choose Happy. The shirt is $4.50. Peep the sandals, these are Cat & Jack and $19.99.

Link to shirt: goto.target.com/BvMLB

Cat & Jack playwear starting at $4. Valid 05/03 – 05/30.

Little Boys Summer Finds

My six year old can wear most of his things from next year. He just needed new shirts. I wasn’t sure which size would be the best so I got a mix of small and medium sizes. The selection was slim so I

These are the shirts I bought for Ray. The dinosaur tee is $6 and the other shirts were $9.

Link to dinosaur tee: goto.target.com/97YkE

I bought him 2 pairs of shorts as well. He still loves pull on shorts so these are perfect for him. The red woven shorts is $7 and the Navy knit shorts is $8.

Link to Red Woven Shorts: goto.target.com/AvNZa

My favorite shirt is this little pink tee with the blue pocket. This shirt is $9.

Link to pink tee: goto.target.com/JMNnv

Hope you all enjoyed reading and seeing a mini haul ! Do you like the Cat & Jack brand?


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