Changes I’ve Noticed in my Second Trimester

I am currently 25 weeks pregnant and the second trimester of pregnancy is between 13 weeks to 27 weeks.  I am nearing the end of the second trimester and things are getting real.  I see why they call this phase of pregnancy the “honeymoon period”. I have felt pretty good since I’ve entered the second trimester and I want to share some of the changes I’ve noticed and just what’s happening in this stage of pregnancy.

1. The nausea has subsided! I had really bad nausea in the beginning that prevented me from eating and just made me feel awful.  The only thing that really helped was eating grapefruit but it was still awful.  I deal with occasional nausea but nothing as bad it was in the first trimester.

2. My skin has a glow but I’m also dealing with acne and very dry skin.

3. My belly has expanded and I have stretch marks.  Stretch marks do not bother me and I know the marks will eventually fade.

4. My hair has grown and has gotten a lot thicker.

5. My baby boy’s kicks are a lot stronger and he seems to be practicing for the Olympics.

6. I have experienced period like cramps that are not painful just uncomfortable. And this is all due to the uterus expanding.

7. I love food again and I love to eat! It was hard to eat and enjoy food in the beginning without feeling sick to my stomach.

8. I have packed on the pounds and I am wearing a lot of maternity clothes and leggings.

9. I have experienced shortness of breath doing the simplest of things like putting on my clothes or cleaning up my son’s play area.

10. I am not as fatigued and way more energized. I can wake up at 2 am and be full of energy.

11. I am emotional and everything makes me cry.

12. I pee a lot. I might as well move my bed to the bathroom.  My doctor wanted me to up my water intake in case my cramps are caused by dehydration.


All in all,  I am loving where I am in my pregnancy.  I have learned to embrace everything about this pregnancy. I know I could be having a way worse pregnancy so I am just thankful that all is going well.  I look forward to meeting my baby next year.  I still can’t believe it but I’m ready to see my little boy!




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