On February 17, 2018, Raylan and I went to see the The Wonderful World of Disney on Ice.  It is a show that is a walk down memory lane  celebrating magic and fun. It featured a lot of the Disney characters that we have all come to love and adore. I think this show is great for all ages because it included some of the older Disney movies along with the newer Disney movies.  There were parts of the show that reminded me of my childhood and I realized how many Disney movies that I haven’t shown Raylan and that I will now show him.  So,  if you are a Disney fan and have children,  this is the show for you.  It will keep you entertained as an adult and have the kids on the edge of their seats waiting to see what will happen next.


Mickey Mouse,  Minnie Mouse,  Goofy and Donald Duck were the hosts of the show and introduced each act.  I think that was a nice touch to the show and a nice transition between the acts.


 The first act was The Lion King.  I love The Lion King so this was probably the best part of the show for me.  It just brought back fond memories of my childhood and the music had me dancing and the acting had me on the edge of my seat.  It was pretty neat to see the performers acting out a few scenes from the Lion King while skating on the ice. I mean this part of the show wanted to make you cry,  laugh and dance all at the same time.


After the Lion King, it was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. I wasn’t too familiar with this Disney movie. Like, I probably saw it once when I was younger so seeing it again was like seeing it for the first time.  The scene they acted out was the witch giving Snow White a poisoned apple and she falls into a death like sleep and then she is awaken by a kiss from a Prince.


Aladdin was next and the scene started with a genie popping out of a lamp. This act had a lot of color and dancing so it kept Raylan very entertained.

And, then we went under the sea with The Little Mermaid.  I enjoyed this movie when I was younger so seeing it live was amazing to me.


Rapunzel came after The Little Mermaid. All I knew about Rapunzel was that she had really long hair so this act gave me a chance to really get to know about this Disney movie. This act wasn’t the most entertaining in my opinion.


Then, they brought out Disney princesses and princes before a 15 minute intermission.


Raylan liked intermission because he enjoyed having popcorn, cotton candy and a drink. The crown came with the cotton candy.


The first act after intermission was Toy Story. I really liked Toy Story growing up and I got Raylan hooked on all the Toy Story movies. This was probably his favorite act and he was literally on the edge of his seat during this performance. I like the fact that Buzz Lightyear made a grand entrance.  And this part of the show was the most interactive as they had the kids dance along. I really enjoyed this part of the show.



After Toy Story, we were introduced to Dory from Finding Nemo as a baby Dory and her parents trying to help her with her memory.  Then, she becomes big Dory and remembers where her parents are and have Nemo and Marlon help her find her parents. I grew up on Finding Nemo and Raylan is growing up on Finding Dory.  We enjoyed this part of the show because it had a lot of upbeat singing, dancing and was very funny.


Frozen was the last act of the show. Raylan loves Frozen so he really enjoyed this part of the show and singing “Let it Go”.  I must admit that I found Frozen the movie really annoying but the Live version was very entertaining. Raylan’s favorite character from the movie is Olaf.


 And that’s a wrap! We really enjoyed the show.

You can check out our YouTube video to see clips from the show by clicking the link down below:



Hope you all enjoyed the blog!



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