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Father’s Day is quickly approaching and maybe you still have not figured out the perfect gift for the father figure in your life. Well, I am here to help with 20 gift ideas for the fathers in your life. Finding the perfect gift can be really tough and I hope these ideas make it a little easier. I have gift ideas for the tech savvy dads, the stylish dads, the sporty dads, the foodie dads, well you get the point. This father’s day gift guide is a guide for all dads.

1.  Do you have a father figure in your life that loves shopping for clothes? Do you have a father figure in your life that could revamp his style just a little bit? Be his personal stylist for the day. Figure out what he likes beforehand, his favorite brands and his sizes. It should make for a very fun shopping trip, maybe think of 4 outfit ideas. One for work, casual outfits and pajamas.

2. This is for the sweet-tooth Dad. Fill a #1 Dad trophy with his favorite candies.

3. For the picky dad. Sign him up for a couple of subscription boxes, the ones that you can get nearly free and have him try out a few. For the one that he likes best, buy a pro-longed subscription like a 6-month or 1-year subscription. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. If you need ideas on a subscription box, this website lists a few.


4. Homemade gifts from the kids. This is a fun one to involve the kids and there are a million ideas out there. You can paint a picture frame and put a really nice photo inside, make canvas art with the kids’ hand-prints, paint a beer mug or coffee mug and etc…

5. You can’t go wrong with a gift card. Gift cards are not as impersonal as you think. It shows that you know what their favorite place is and that you want them to really enjoy that favorite place.

6. Get them a personalized book all about them. I See Me has a few books that you can personalize. A really great company and the books are great quality.


7. Fill a wooden basket with his favorite snacks from nuts, cookies, beef jerky or anything that he likes.

8. Get him that hi-tech item that he was wanted for a while but hasn’t bought. Maybe, it’s new headphones, a speaker, I-Pad, etc..

9. The classic tie, dress shirt, socks or wallet with a twist. Maybe you can get these items personalized with his initials or a best dad ever imprint.




10. New briefcase or laptop bag for work. Give him something new to show off at work.

11. A pampering box or basket filled with his favorite grooming products. You can even throw a robe in the box or basket. Fill it with soap, lotion, deodorant, shaving cream, a new razor or any other grooming product.

12. Tickets to a sports game, museum, or concert. Check out those discounted tickets in your area.

13. Let him be a kid again and take him bowling or to an arcade. If you’re in Atlanta, they have a place called the Man Cave.





14. A new cool watch on his wrist.

15. Get him a nice pair of sunglasses or hat to beat the heat especially if he enjoys being outdoors at games, fishing, hunting or anything like that.




16. Get items personalized like a mug, bathrobe, bag or wallet. Maybe you can personalize it with his name or his initials.

17. Something to make him laugh like a joke book, a funny game or a t-shirt with a funny saying. It all depends on what the father likes.

18. Something to organize their things especially if their things are spilling into your area or they can never find their things. You can get him a little shelf, a box or a hook to organize those things.

19. A set that he would really enjoy like a tool set, a bbq set or even a set of new books, movies or CDs. It just depends on what he likes.

20. A trip to their favorite restaurant. Look out for some Father’s Day deals at your local restaurants.

I hope these ideas helped you find the perfect father’s day gift for the father figures in your life. These are the perfect gifts for all the male father figures in your life from grandpas to dads to uncles. Tell me in the comments what gift you will be gifting the male-figure in your life! Happy Father’s Day!






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