On June 29th,2016, I started my dream entry-level position at Georgia Pacific contracted through Allied Universal to be a badge administrator. It was a dream because I had been looking for a position like this since I started my search when my son was born in 2013. I worked retail, in a cell center and joined a workforce training program hoping to get closer to my dreams of working in Corporate America. I wanted a job where I wouldn’t be on my feet, could provide administrative support and grow my technical skills. And with this position, I could do that and more. I have learned a lot of valuable information about Corporate which I will share in a separate blog, learned that success has no clear-cut path and I learned a lot of skills I that can use in my next position.


So, how did this dream turn into a nightmare? 2 weeks into May of this year, I learned that I was pretty much getting laid off. The client wanted to find someone with an IT degree and get this person from a different contractor. Though devastated at first, I realized it was all business. I didn’t see myself staying in this position forever and I have learned all I can and I didn’t see myself growing. I can actually say that I saw this layoff coming a long time ago. And though I wondered what I did wrong, I realized I did everything right but I just wasn’t what they wanted. And that’s okay. It’s just like a relationship. Though you get into hoping things last forever, sometimes you have to accept the fact that that person is not the right person for you. The same with my job and I’m at peace knowing what I’ve done in this role and how I’ve transformed a completely administrative role to a technical role. I provided the best customer service, created a user guide for the software and learned about fitting into Corporate. I am not walking away from this position empty-handed because I am rich in knowledge and experience.


I know how I want a company to treat me and I know what I am worth. This company refused to pay me what I was worth or even acknowledge what I brought to the table. I am young in my career and I know that if a company appreciates you, they will at least show it. It seemed like a nightmare at first because I only thought about the loss of income but now I know this is a blessing in disguise. I put my dreams to the side and now it’s time I get back to working on my dreams and my writing. People say I should be upset about this layoff but I am truly happy. I feel I get to live again without stressing about a job that didn’t deem me worthy enough.

I am officially counting down the days and next time I will be patient in my job search and look for the ideal position.


Right now, I am focusing on my mental health and all the dreams I put aside for this entry-level position. I get to be home with my son and prepare him for Pre-k which is my dream. I also get to focus on school before I start my Bachelor’s program in August at Augusta. I never thought I would face a layoff this early in my career but things happen for a reason. I have heard a lot of stories as my time as a badge administrator and I will cherish those stories even more as I transition into the next position. I remember an employee, a senior-level employee, telling me how people buy the why before they buy the what. No one cares what you are selling, they care about the why you are selling it. People buy into the story behind the what. That is one piece of advice I will take with me on my journey.


I was cleaning out my office earlier this week and I have been in this office for nearly a year. I was cleaning out the cabinet and reorganizing things and I looked up to see something so powerful. I knew in this moment everything was going according to His plan.



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