I have been trying out different subscription boxes for my son and I. I’m trying to see which ones I like enough to keep and which ones are just not worth the money. I have wanted to do arts and crafts projects with Raylan on the weekend. I have bought a lot of craft things but have run out of ideas. That’s when I found  Koala Crate.

I loved that it was actually shipped to Raylan and he did too.  Koala Crate is from the Kiwi Crate line of subscription boxes designed with preschoolers in mind. It is for ages 3-4. The box includes all the materials needed for a project. Projects may include arts and crafts, science activities, imaginative play and more. It is designed for hands on learning and fun. Because of these things, I signed right up knowing this would be perfect for Raylan.


I ordered the subscription on September 9th and received it September 19th. I am reviewing the Koala Wild West themed crate. The Koala Crate costs $19.95 monthly. There are prepaid plans as well if you want to pay 3, 6 or 12 months in advance. You also can shop for boxes in their store if you don’t want to be tied to a monthly subscription.  Raylan was very excited about this box especially seeing the horse as soon as we opened the box.

A magazine for Raylan and an information booklet for me about the crate were included in the box.

The information booklet included directions about how to do each project and what materials would be needed for each project.


We decided to do the horseshoe bandanna project first.


These were the directions for the activity.


All I needed to do was pour the paint into the cup and Raylan was ready to work.   We had to make a stamp out of the materials provided and stamp the horseshoe image across the bandanna. Raylan loves anything involving paint so this was fun for him.   Raylan had a different idea on how he wanted the bandanna to look. The top is what I did, just to show how it was meant to be done. But I enjoy Raylan’s artistic expression at the bottom as well. If you get this activity, make sure to put something under it because the paint will soak through.


Then, we moved onto the next activity. The horseshoe toss.

The materials needed for this activity.

You stamp the horseshoe design on the bag. This design is supposed to go on the front and back of the bag. You have to wait sometime for it to dry before you can stamp the back. We decided not to do this activity to its entirety due to the beads (choking hazard) and this didn’t keep Raylan’s interest.


This is the last activity in the box and the most anticipated one which is why I saved it for last. If he did this first, he wouldn’t have done the other activities.

The materials of the project.

The first step was to tie these two cardboard rolls together.



Then we attached the head to the roll.

Then added the stuffing and Raylan was excited to see the horse come to life.

We created the face for the horse. Such a cute little project.

The finished project!

Raylan really enjoyed this project and I enjoyed the bonding time we had while doing this project.


Keepin’ It Real: I really enjoyed our first Koala Crate but I am unsure if this is a keeper or not. Out of the entire box, there was only one project that Raylan really enjoyed. I liked how the projects correlated with the theme. I can’t really say if I’m getting the value for my buck with this box. I liked this subscription because it gave me new craft ideas, encourages learning through hands on activities and it kept Raylan entertained. Because I can buy individual boxes out of their shop, I don’t see myself keeping a subscription for Koala Crate. Like I mentioned before, I am very funny about getting surprises for Raylan. I know what he likes and I would rather pick out what he gets. You can also skip months with this subscription and it’s easy to update your information online and switch product lines when your child gets too old for a certain crate.

I don’t see myself keeping this subscription very long. I skipped October and I am going to buy projects from the site and I will see what they send for November. Only reason I didn’t cancel because they gave me a 50% offer to stay and I couldn’t pass that up.  I see no point in keeping a subscription if I can just buy the boxes individually. And the boxes range in prices so I might be able to get 3 boxes for the price I pay for a monthly subscription. I love the Koala Crate but I’m not sure if I will continue a subscription with them. I will make a decision in November regarding this subscription.  Hello Koala Crate, I’m skeptical!


If you want to give this box a try just follow the link below:


Hope You All Enjoyed the Blog!


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