This is my first ever Lip Monthly. Customer service and my first bag were decent. Lip Monthly is a subscription service that is all about lips.  You will receive full-sized deluxe lip products for $12.95 a month.  They even let you customize the colors of at least two products in your bag.

My point of trying this out is because I’m not really into a makeup but I do want to start wearing lip and eye products when I go out. And I honestly do not have time to go into the stores to actually look at products so it is really convenient to get products sent to me and I can try them out in the comfort of my own home.


Everything was packaged in this cute little makeup bag. I don’t have any makeup bags so it was great to receive this one.


be a…bombshell Eyeshadow  – Superstition : $7

This was an OK eyeshadow to me. It applied on nicely and has a nice texture but the pigmentation is not there at all. It took a few swatches for it to appear on my arm. I’m not sure if I’ll get any use out of this.


 Appeal Cosmetics Ultra Shine Liquid Lipstick – Flushed: $21

This applied really smoothly but it was not my color at all. It is a baby pink and it does have a nice shine.

Sorme Smearproof Lipliner – Chestnut: $20

I really needed a lipliner so I was excited to receive this in my bag. The only thing is that I thought it would be brown but it is more red on me.


Eco Lips Eco Tints – Rose Quartz : $7

I love lip balms so I was excited to get a new one to try. This has an oval shape so it’s kind of awkward to apply. And the color is very subtle on the lips. I do not like the minty flavor of this lip balm.

 Swatch Test

These are the products from left to right:

Swatch 1: Eco Lips Eco Tint

Swatch 2: Sorme Smearproof Lipliner

Swatch 3: Appeal Cosmetics Ultra Shine Liquid Lipstick

Swatch 4: be a…bombshell Eyeshadow


This is everything that I received in the March 2018 Bag.

Overall, I am happy with my March 2018 bag.  I have some products that I can use and I also discovered new products and I am excited to see what’s in my next bag.

To sign up for the Lip Monthly, click the link below:

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To watch me unboxing the bag, please see the link:


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