I have to be completely honest that I have had so many days where I’m just not okay. I try to pray and stay as positive as possible because I’ve been at rock bottom before and I made it. This time around, I just feel so defeated and as if things are not going to get any better.

Have you ever felt like you tried everything and nothing has worked? I have failed at everything that I’ve tried and I’m just so tired. It’s getting harder and harder to face each day and feel positive about the day.

I wake up to so many thank you for your interest emails and I’ve been looking for work for a year now. I’ve tried to blog, do social media, YouTube, start businesses and nothing has worked. I have applied to so many jobs and I have been rejected by every single one.

And now my family has to find a new place to stay. Because of different challenges, we are finding it hard to get approved for anything. And now I must come face to face with the reality of being homeless again.

I was denied for food stamps, we can’t find a place to stay, I owe too much money for school and I can’t find work. How am I supposed to stay positive when there’s so much going wrong in my life? Everyday I struggle to find a positive. I just don’t see this getting any better for me.

My life is falling apart…


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