There are certain things I just cannot live and function without as a pregnant momma and I’m going to tell you all about my pregnancy must-haves in this blog. And I’m going to tell you now that the things that work for me might or might not work for you but some of the things on my list have been absolute lifesavers during this pregnancy. I am grateful that my pregnancy has been enjoyable and I haven’t been really sick to the point that I can’t enjoy a good meal. I know some pregnant women go through it and pregnancy is really tough on them. The most that I’ve had to do was cut certain things out of my diet because they made me so sick in the beginning but now I’m able to enjoy those things again.


This is a list of my pregnancy essentials!

Leggings and Pants that stretch – This is so important! As soon as I found out I was pregnant,  I went out and bought leggings and stretchy pants about 2 sizes too big so I could grow into them over the course of my pregnancy.  I went to CVS and Walmart for my leggings because I could buy a lot for a decent price.  I saw pregnancy leggings going for $20-$50 a piece and it didn’t seem worth it to me.  I’m currently 27 weeks and have had most of my leggings since I was about 7 weeks and the leggings have been through multiple washes and still holding strong.  And having leggings and stretchy pants are so convenient for those days you are just not in the mood to put on pants or jeans.  As my bump grows,  it is so much easier to slip on leggings and stretchy pants than it is jeans. I think this essential depends on your individual pregnancy.  Some women do not gain a lot of weight and can just wear their pants with one of those bands. I am not in that category.  I was wearing a size 6 before pregnancy and now I fit in a size 14 so leggings and stretchy pants are life for me.

Grapefruit for nausea – I had really bad nausea in the beginning and I still get it from time to time.  Being nauseous is so annoying because it’s the feeling of having to throw up but never throwing up.  The only thing that helped to calm that for me was eating grapefruit. I ate grapefruit for breakfast and before I went to bed and it really helped with the nausea. Grapefruit makes me feel well enough to enjoy a meal so that’s why it is an essential for me.

Pickle juice for heartburn – I went out and bought Tums for heartburn and they do absolutely nothing for me.  While pregnant, you might experience some heartburn so finding relief is crucial.  Having a sip of pickle juice and a glass of water is the only thing that really helps my heartburn and it works right away.  If I don’t have pickle juice,  I can also have a sip of apple cider vinegar and a glass of water.  Both methods helps tremendously with my heartburn.

Water is life – I love water while pregnant! I have about 4 or 5 bottles of water a day and whenever I feel faint,  thirsty or just not feeling my best,  having a bottle of water helps me.  I was experiencing really bad cramps and my doctor suggested increasing my water intake in case the cramps were because of dehydration. And I think my doctor was onto something because since I’ve increased my water intake,  I hardly have cramps. The only thing is water runs right through me so I live in the bathroom.

Granny panties -Kudos to all the women that can still wear those sexy panties while pregnant.  I’m not one of them and I live for a pair of cotton Granny panties. Between the discharge and all the other bodily fluids,  I just feel better in my granny panties.  In my opinion,  it’s just more comfortable and I’m all about being comfortable.

A nice big comfortable Pillow – You don’t have to go out and buy a pregnancy pillow if you don’t want to because any nice big comfortable pillow will do the trick.  I have a long pillow that I use and I shape it around my body when I’m laying down and it makes everything feel better.  You can also tuck a pillow between your knees for comfort.  Pillows are just essential especially when you want to lean back or lay down without feeling uncomfortable.

Wordsearch puzzles –  My mind has been racing a mile a minute and sometimes I can’t sleep.  I don’t like watching TV before I go to bed because I end up having weird dreams and sometimes I need an escape from my phone.  So I went out and bought a bunch of word search puzzles and doing the puzzles just relaxes me and gets my mind off of things.  Your thing might not be a word search  puzzle but I think it’s good to pick up a hobby or something to do just to get your mind off of things.

Comfortable shoes that are easy to slip on – Your back will thank you for this.  I was not wearing the proper shoes in the beginning and it made long walks very tough and exhausting. Every since I got the proper shoes that offer support and  comfortability, I can enjoy long walks without a backache. It is also important to pick a shoe that will be easy to slip on because it just makes life easier.

Music for relaxation and it really gets my baby moving -I cannot live without my Pandora app. I really enjoy music because it is so relaxing and it helps with fetal movements . My little one loves music and it gets him to kicking and swirming which makes kick counts a lot easier to record.

A great supportive bra that can be used during and after pregnancy – Spend the money for a good bra! This is the one item you should spurge on. If you can get a fitting,  that’s even better.  My breasts have grown twice their size it seems so now I deal with a little sag.  I found a great supportive bra that lifts and supports my girls. And if you’re going to spurge,  make sure to get a bra that is good for maternity and also nursing if you plan to breastfeed.  You will definitely get your money’s worth out of a good bra and your back will thank you for it.

Accessible on the go snacks while you’re out and about – I am on the go a lot and I don’t like to eat fast food if I don’t have to. I pack little snacks in my purse so while I’m on the go, I have a snack.  Eating heavy during the day makes me feel so sluggish so I like to keep it light when I can.

Cute clothes in your wardrobe –   When I look good,  I also feel good.  It was essential for me to buy a few cute maternity clothes so if I felt like dressing up or looking super cute with my bump,  I could.  Don’t get me wrong,  I still live for my leggings and oversized T-shirts but sometimes I want to look sexy.  And it just makes me feel like I have my life together when I put on a cute fit.

Lotion – My skin has become super dry since I’ve become pregnant so lotion is essential.  Nothing fancy because certain smells bring on my nausea. If you’re concerned about stretch marks, having stretch mark creams and oils might be essential to you.   I’m not concerned about stretch marks.  I got them after being pregnant with Raylan and I know the marks will eventually fade so I don’t even care about trying to remove the stretch marks.

–  A journal –  I find myself always jotting down notes and to-do’s so I invested in a journal.  Of course, if you have a Smartphone,  you can make use of a notepad.  I’m a little old school and I like flipping through the pages of my journal and checking things off.  I feel like I have so much to remember between bill payment dates,  school assignments,  Raylan’s schedule and my doctor appointments that having a journal is a must.  It helps me to remember everything and it is so easy to write a quick note.  I also use my journal to write down pregnancy questions I might have for my next appointment,  write down the names of baby products that I want to research and I like to write down and readjust my goals as needed.  Having a journal makes me feel productive and like I’m on top of things even if my life is in complete shambles.

This is my list of my must- have pregnancy items.  I hope you all enjoy reading the blog and feel free to comment below any of your pregnancy essentials.




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