This is my opinion about what’s going on now! This is not a blog to talk about the effectiveness of the vaccine. This blog is an opinion about all of the things I’ve witnessed recently. Get vaccinated or not. I don’t care. It’s your personal choice or it used to be anyway.

This time last year, I was writing a blog to highlight all of the things I was seeing during the height of the pandemic. There were empty shelves, restaurants with taped off seating and certain bus routes stopped running.

I don’t know what I expected to happen in a year but I didn’t see any of this vaccine mandate dividing the world coming. I remember just last year so many took to the streets to protest the injustice of George Floyd. But, there are so many injustices happening now and I’m not seeing the same outrage amongst certain groups and individuals that were the loudest during the protests last year.

There’s so many things that happened during this pandemic that was just weird. It seems locking us away for a year double masked up having us do this or that to prevent this deadly virus was the start of this power control. I remember seeing a video of how to handle a pizza delivery. They wanted you to remove the pizza from the box to its own tray and wipe down any spot the pizza box touched. Then, we later learned that it was unlikely you could get it from the surfaces.

We also did temperature checks and most people didn’t even get a fever and it wasn’t a good indication that you didn’t have the virus. We were told once you get the jab, you could ditch the mask and then we realized they could spread the virus just as much. The jab was strictly to prevent death and hospitalization and I think it’s important our most vulnerable population gets it.

Now, things have gotten weird with the mandates. You must get this to live or else. Why do these people think they have this much power over our lives? You can’t ask a question, say you want to make your own decision or question the science. You are made out to be an anti-vaxer or a selfish person because you don’t want to get the jab.

But, why is the focus only on vaccinations? We have early treatment measures that seem effective and it seems catching this virus early is key. Some people tested positive and was literally told to wait it out at home. I think that it’s key to find as many ways as possible to treat this virus because a one size fits all has never been the answer. What works for one person might not work for another. Why are we not focused on trying to save lives instead of trying to control in the name of public health?

I’m watching videos of people fighting for their jobs as they fight for the right to make their own personal choice regarding this jab. The argument I see constantly is that we had to get this or that as a child to go to school. Or I even see you don’t question the McDonald’s you eat. This jab uses a different technology and has not been mass tested on a population until now. And you’re not able to sue if you have adverse reactions. And as a person that has had reactions to vaccines in the past, I’m not sure about taking this one. I am also discovering what I’m allergic to because I have had severe reactions to certain foods and products this year. What’s insane about this whole thing is no one cares about your personal reasons that you don’t want to get this. You’re made to be crazy, against the science and a conspiracy theorist.

My honest opinion about all of this is that science is meant to be questioned. I don’t like the fact that people are censored and things are considered misinformation just because it goes against the popular opinions and one glorified expert. I’ve seen great information get called misinformation even if the person told people to get the jab and then went over data about the jab. Censoring people only makes people more skeptical. Mandating this jab has to be the most asinine part of this pandemic because here in the states natural immunity is a non-factor. And people shouldn’t have to lose their job because of this jab. I’ve seen last year heros be escorted out of buildings and fired because they made the personal choice not to get the jab. The crazy part is these people were exposed to the virus constantly and worked most of the pandemic without the jab. And now these same people are not considered as valuable and that’s not right.

Also, if this was really about health, why aren’t we promoting a healthy lifestyle just as much as the jab? Instead of promoting health, we promote burgers and fries and donuts with a side of the jab. If we just committed to eating healthier, watching our weight, getting stronger and exercising then maybe we could have tackled two issues at once.

Another funny thing is those that screamed the loudest about not having freedom are perfectly fine with the mandates and passports. I read comments and hear talking points from the other side of this debate and they don’t understand this is bigger than ending a pandemic. It’s about being okay with being controlled in the name of public health and going along with whatever they say because they are considered experts.

To sum all of this up, things are weird right now. I am a firm believer that people should have the right to make their own personal decisions regarding their body and health. People should be allowed to question the science. Healthy debate is necessary and hearing different opinions especially from the medical community is important. And nobody should have to get this jab just to keep their job.

I also want to say this virus has made a lot of people think about their own mortality. And I understand because the media focuses on people dying constantly from this virus. And one argument I hear a lot is we won’t die. And I know a lot of people would love to live forever if they could. But, the truth is none of us are leaving here alive. Our lives have been on hold long enough, it’s time to live again and enjoy life.

Keep up the good fight!


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