There are so many strange things happening. A lot of people asking, “what’s going on?” And I’m sure some even feel something strange is going on.

My first chapter in my new book is titled Good vs Evil where I explain this. We are not fighting other human beings. We are fighting evil and we’re in the middle of spiritual warfare. Even if you don’t believe in the spiritual realm, I’m sure you have even noticed things looking a little out of control lately.

Some blame mental health, poor parenting and a person’s environment. I think we have a lot of people fighting demons and not fighting them well. A nation that has strayed away from God because it makes others uncomfortable and we are now in this all inclusive and all accepting society. God has a plan for this world and a plan for each of us. But instead man, wrecked it all because man thought he knew better.

If you get a chance to check out Politically Jumbled, I talk about the fight between good and evil. And I also give my opinions on a few topics. I also talk about what I think is wrong with this world and how a lot of systems in place have led to the crisis we see today.

We have become a society that is individualistic, selfish and greedy. If it’s not on our front porch, we don’t care about it. And it was never intended to be all of this division, hatred, chaos and anger that we see today. But, the devil is busy and all in the details so the world looks strange. Everyone could be a better human being.

I see a lot of people on social media blaming God for the wickedness of mankind. But we were all given free will and some are using their free will to be evil and monsters. There are unseen things coming at us to attack and destroy us. Some people are being used and manipulated by evil to carry out these attacks. We must stay vigilant and protect our hearts. We have to get closer to God because only He can turn this around.

You can’t let this world hardened you or turn you so cold to the point you forget to be human. Use your free will to be compassionate and help others. We are at war with the spiritual forces of evil and God has prepared us for this battle. I think the world can truly be a better place but humans have to get their acts together. And we have to understand that some will use their free will to be wicked.


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