I have read a dozen articles about how to get free toys and most of the information is either outdated or no longer accurate. This blog post is about the opportunities that I have found or tried.  Do you want to be a toy tester? Do you want to receive free products in exchange for a review? Here are my list of opportunities to get free products and toys as a new YouTuber or Blogger.

1.  Email

Email the companies that you want to receive free products from directly keeping the messgae short and sweet. Let them know that you have a channel or blog focused on toys, lifestyle, health or etc… Write in your email that you would love the opportunity to review products on your channel or blog and you will give an honest opinion. I have realized that you can’t sit on the sidelines and wait for opportunities and you never know until you ask. The key is to go to a company that is already known for giving products to vloggers or bloggers. You can simply fill out a contact form on the site if you’re not able to find a direct email address.

2. Discovery Toys

Discovery Toys has a program where you can sell their products or host parties get free toys and toys discounted. I am on the fence about this opportunity but it’s worth checking out. With this opportunity, I have heard some cons about this and that you really do not make a lot of money. Actually, I will link the article that I read that list the pros and cons of this opportunity.

The link to the opportunity: http://www.discoverytoys.net/opportunity/

The link to the article of the pros and cons: https://ivetriedthat.com/should-you-become-an-educational-consultant-with-discovery-toys/

3. Hasbro FunLab

The Hasbro Fun Lab is located in Pawtucket, Rhode Island so if you live near this location or able to travel to Rhode Island, this may be the opportunity for you. Hasbro FunLab is Hasbro’s in-house Toy and Game testing research facility. And they offer several different opportunities to test toys and receive free toys as well. The sign up process is very quick and easy.

The link: https://usfunlab.hasbro.com/about

4. Battat Toys

Battat Toys has an opportunity to receive free toys in exchange for your review. You have to fill out a sign up form and choose two different brands that you would like to review. They have B. Toys, Wonder Wheels, Our Generation and more.

The link: http://www.battatco.com/toy-tester

5. Crayola Advisory Panel

For this opportunity, you have to be within driving distance of Easton, PA. This is the chance to test out new Crayola products in a focus group environment.

The link: https://www.crayola.com/advisorypanel

6. Johnson & Johnson Friends and Neighbors 

This is the opportunity to receive and test out Johnson & Johnson products. Sign up is very simple and you will receive invitations to participate in product tests, focus groups, discussion forums and online surveys.

The link: https://jjfriendsandneighbors.com/

7. Brand Ambassador

Look for brand ambassador opportunities. You can browse Instagram and social media to see if any small shops need ambassadors as well. Great way to get free products and exposure. I have not tried any brand ambassador opportunities yet so I can’t recommend anything just yet.





8. Step 2

If you are a fan of Step 2 products, follow Step 2 on Facebook or Instagram. They have toy tester opportunities and toy giveaways. This image is from when they had a toy testing opportunity a couple of years ago.

9. Mom Select

I have been with Mom Select for a few months and they always have different opportunities to receive toys and products in exchange for a review. You have to fill out a survey and hope for the best. I believe with this opportunity, numbers matter. I have applied to a lot of opportunities and have not had the chance to review anything yet. On the survey, they usually ask for your social media profiles and numbers and why you want to be apart of the opportunity.

The link: https://www.momselect.com/

10. Local Toy Store

Check out your local toy store and see if they any have toy testing opportunities. A lot of companies or brands will go to a neighborhood toy store and have an event and toy testers are needed. And it’s always a lot of fun going to independent toy stores.

11. Canada Opportunity 

Parents Canada and Disney have a panel. The survey seems to be active. I don’t have any other information about this opportunity.

The link: https://www.parentscanada.com/partner/disney-parent-panel.aspx

12. Hey Bullseye Target

Target has a Hey Bullseye opportunity but it is an invitation only. Hey Bullseye is an opportunity to get products sent to you in exchange for a review. They pick you based on reviews that you have wrote on their site.

The link: https://www.target.com/c/hey-bullseye/-/N-xa8op

13. Our Generation

Our Generation OG Dolls has a toy tester program. You submit your application and they will evaluate your eligibility. They will send toys and products in exchange for your honest opinion.

The link: https://toytester.ogdolls.com/

14. Mattel Imagination Center

The Mattel Imagination Center is located in El Segundo, CA and they always have toy tester opportunities. Be sure to follow them on social media to get the latest information. They do not mail out products so you typically have to be from the area. Most of their participants are from Southern California. They have an application that you have to download and fill out.

The link: http://www.mattelimaginationcenter.com/



These are the opportunities that I have found. Some I cannot participate in due to location but they all seem to be legit opportunities to receive free products in exchange for honest reviews. I hope this blog has been helpful!

If you have a favorite brand, store or product, just Google how to get free products from the company or become a toy tester for a particular company. There is a lot of information out there. I know a lot of people are a little shy and may not want to seek out opportunities but there is no harm in trying. I will be doing an update to this blog in a few months to let you all know how everything is going.

Don’t let your subscriber count or social media following discourage you from going after opportunities. I was approached by my first company when I only had 200 subscribers and probably less followers so it is possible. Stay consistent and stay confident.

When searching for toy opportunities on the web, be specific and search for kid toy tester opportunities. Just know that the toy industry is huge and for adults and kids so make sure the opportunities that you see are for kids (like conventions and events).

If you know of any opportunities or tried any of these things, let us know in the comments!


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