December 25, 2019 is a day that my sons and I will remember for years to come. I had no plans to even celebrate Christmas this year. We’re homeless and currently living in an extended stay and I wasn’t sure if I would even have money to do anything special. But, I didn’t need much money to make the day magical for my sons.

Ray’s school had a Giving Tree and anonymous people bought shoes, socks, underwear, pajamas, clothes and toys for the boys. And we were gifted by other people as well that wanted to make the day special for the boys. I even had a Facebook friend reach out about her church giving away toys and she brought the toys to the room. All of these things made me want to make the day special for Raylan and Rylan.

Since leaving our home, funds have been tight and we haven’t had much money to do anything extra. For one day, I didn’t want my kids to worry about how we would pay for the room, how we would get enough money to eat or to get on the bus or anything like that. I wanted them to have a day where they could kind of forget our present situation and just enjoy themselves.

Days leading up to Christmas, I was able to do a little shopping for a tree and holiday decorations at Walmart and Dollar Tree. I had this grand idea to turn the room into a Winter Wonderland but I had limited funds. I was able to make the room really nice and the boys felt the Christmas spirit.


This was the side of the room that my sons and I share. My mom was gifted the plant and we made it as part of the holiday decorations.


Ray and Ry were so excited when they saw all the decorations and both decided they would wait by the tree for Santa even though Christmas was a few days away.

On Christmas Eve, I decided I wanted to take holiday photos of the boys. I wanted a way to remember this holiday season. I set up the bed with ornaments and candy canes to have a photo session with the boys. Our lights in the room are yellow so the photos weren’t great but I love them.



These are the holiday photos I took in the room.

On the day of Christmas, Ry woke up very early ready to open presents. Ray was a little sick and slow to wake up on Christmas morning. We waited until Ray was up to open presents.


This is Ray and Ry on Christmas morning ! Ray was under the weather but he still wanted to get up and open presents.


Ray and Ry opening their presents. They were so excited about their gifts.


All the presents under the tree have been unwrapped. Seeing this photo is still unbelievable to me. So many people chipped in so my boys could have a wonderful Christmas and I’m forever grateful.


The boys spent most of the day opening and playing with their new gifts.


This was Ry’s second Christmas and he spent most of the day playing with toys and eating sweet treats.


Ray, on the other hand, spent the day sick and at Urgent Care. He told me he still enjoyed his favorite holiday even though he was sick.


All in all this day was incredible. It was awesome to see the smiles on Ray and Ry’s faces. I’m so glad we were still able to enjoy Christmas despite our present situation. It made me realize that Christmas is more than the presents under the tree. It’s just about being able to enjoy the day and being with family and being surrounded with love.


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