On November 11th, 2018, we went to the High Museum of Atlanta. We were able to go free of charge because of their Second Sundays program where the museum offers free admission on the second Sunday of each month. It offers a lot of family-friendly programming and a lot of fun.

I have been to the High a few times but never with my children. I have a 5 year old and a 10-month-old and I wasn’t sure how fun it would be with the kids. But, they have a new children’s area and they had a blast. Raylan, my 5 year old, is into art and enjoys drawing and it surprised me how good of a time he was able to have at the museum. He enjoyed looking at the different art and learning about the paintings and artwork on the walls. Rylan, the baby, enjoyed the sites and sounds of the museum. I enjoyed having a good time with both boys.

We couldn’t see everything in this one trip because the boys were pretty tired after a couple of hours at the museum. I would recommend taking a stroller, eating before you arrive or having a snack and visiting the children’s area and the Stent Family Wing on the Skyway Level.

The museum does have dining options, breastfeeding is permitted in any public location at the Woodruff Arts Center and there are nursing rooms as well. You can bring a stroller as long as it is not a wagon or large jogging stroller. I brought my Baby Trend Sit N Stand stroller and it was fine maneuvering through the museum with it.  The museum also has strollers available for free on a first-come, first-serve basis. And the restrooms at the High Museum include an accessible stall, baby-changing facilities and single-stall restrooms as well. I said all of that to say that the museum is very family-friendly and you will definitely enjoy your trip here.

Now, onto our actual adventure at the High Museum of Art Atlanta.

We took the train to the museum and we walked from the train station to the museum. Midtown (a part of Atlanta) always offers a lot to see. Before we even got to the museum, we ran into some cool artwork.

This is a picture of us in front of the museum before going in to enjoy the family-friendly programming the Second Sundays offer.

These are all the photos leading us to the actual museum. Raylan was so excited about this trip to the museum.

The first place we visited was the Create and Experience: Greene Family Learning Gallery. The lines were long but it was worth waiting in the lines so the boys could get out the stroller for some hands-on-fun. I loved that they had this place at the museum so Rylan could enjoy the museum experience as well.

Rylan was able to get down on the floor and enjoy some blocks, a mirror and plenty of crawling space. We stayed in this little space for awhile and it was a lot of fun. This space was for under 2 years of age and perfect for Rylan.


Raylan was enjoying the space to roam freely, get out some energy and learn some cool things !

There was this cool little part where it said Rainbows were inside. You could control the color of the room and we had so much fun with that.


Raylan was hungry after burning out some energy so we decided to try one of the dining options. We went to the The High Cafe and bought chili and fruit. The food was not bad at all. I can’t remember how much the chili was but the bowl of fruit was $4.

After eating, we enjoyed one of the workshops where Raylan could get creative and he enjoyed it a lot.

We went to the Skyway Level and these are some of the artworks that captured our attention.


The boys were pretty tired after the Greene Family Learning Gallery and walking around the Skyway level, so we called it a day and headed home. We had a lot of fun and can’t wait to do this again.



Raylan received a smARTbox as well which is a little box filled with art goodies like crayons, a sketchbook and an art project. The art project in this smARTbox was a crown. Every time he visits the museum, he can bring the smARTbox and they will fill it with fresh supplies and fun projects. We enjoyed the crown so can’t wait to see what the next project will be.


I would definitely recommend the High Museum of Atlanta if you are ever in the Atlanta area. It is a trip that you won’t regret! Just know on event days and days where the museum offers free admission,  it can get quite crowded so pack your patience.


For more information about the High Museum of Art, please visit their website:


To learn more about the Second Tuesdays, follow the link:


To see a vlog of our trip, check out this video on RayandRy’s PlayHouse YouTube page:


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