If you’ve been following along with the postpartum posts then you know recovery was a little rough for me.  I will be including all the things that I used for pain management and things that made my journey a little easier. My recovery included hemorrhoids, horrible constipation, a 3rd degree tear, the process of stitches healing and me trying to get over a traumatic birth.

Earth Mama Bottom Balm

The number 1 product that really helped to turn things around for me was Earth Mama Bottom Balm.  If you don’t get anything else,  get this.  This stuff is amazing and really works. It’s a little small but a little goes a long way and I used it faithfully for like 2 weeks and still have a lot left over.  This product is great for men or women that have bottom issues.  The product promises to have you sitting pretty in no time and I found that to be true.


Heat Pads or Cold Pads

I’m not sure if the heat or the cold made me feel better because I used both interchangeably. Both felt great to me. I used the heat and cold pads that you squeeze to activate and put in your underwear like a pad.  The hospital sent me home with a bunch of cold ones and I later found the heat version of it.  The heat pads and cold pads provided comfort for me and made it easier to sit and move around.  I also used this little heating pad that can be turned into a freezer pad.  So you warm it up for heat and put it in the freezer for a cold pack.  This was also great for my back pains as well.


Peri Bottle

Most hospitals send you home with one.  This little Peri bottle was a lifesaver.  You pretty much fill it with warm water and you squirt it down below after using the restroom.  It’s amazing and perfect if you are afraid to wipe.


Epsom salt

I put Epsom salt in my Peri bottle as well and it helped alleviate pain and it serves as a natural laxative.  You can use this in a warm bath as well.


Stool softener

This is a must especially if you have tears and constipated. Trying to pass a hard stool is the absolute worst. This makes it easier to go.  My doctor also recommend MiraLAX which you can put in coffee or tea.


Hemorrhoid Wipes

If you’re suffering from hemorrhoids, these wipes are helpful.  You can stick them between your butt cheeks for relief and also wipe with them.



Making these padsicles really helped my recovery. Basically, you take a pad and put witch hazel and Aloe Vera gel on the pad. Witch hazel helps to reduce swelling and fight bacteria and the Aloe Vera gel is good for hydration of the skin. You can use cloth or disposable pads for the padsicles.  You can also add an essential oil like lavender. Once you coat the pad with the Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera gel, you fold the pad back up and put it in the freezer. I made like twenty at a time and put all of them in a zip-lock bag and then put them in the freezer. The padsicles offered nice cooling relief for my postpartum pains.


Dermoplast Anesthetic Spray

Get the one with the blue top! This product worked but it was not long wearing for me. This is a pain relieving spray and also helps to fight bacteria to avoid infections. You spray this down below for pain relief. I didn’t get a lot of use out of this product because I wanted to try a more natural product and it wasn’t as long wearing as the Earth Mama product.


Advil (Pain Killers)

For the first few weeks, pain killers were my best friend. I used Advil but any pain killer will work. 


Adult Diapers

I wore adult diapers for the first few weeks of my postpartum journey. It was great not having to worry about messing up my nice underwear or worry about doing laundry. I bought the adult diapers with the built in pads and they were soft, comfortable and super absorbent. It just made life a little easier for me.


Lipstick or Feel Good Products

If you’re having company and you feel like crap but want to look nice.  You want things that are going to make you feel good postpartum whether it’s a book, lipstick, nail polish or whatever.  Find something that makes you feel good so you feel less crappy and more like yourself.



Save yourself the headache of trying to make lunch and dinner while recovering.  I have an older child and this was important.  It just makes life a lot easier and I don’t have to worry about missing lunch because I didn’t feel up to cooking.  I can just reheat last night’s dinner and be good to go.


These were all the things that I used postpartum that made my journey just a little easier. Recovery was tough for me and it took two months for me to feel back to myself. Don’t rush your journey. Give yourself time to heal and get back to normal.


Hope you all enjoyed the blog!





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