I am always so anxious before doctor’s appointment.  You never know what news you’re going to hear.  But,  then it is so exciting because you get to hear your baby’s heartbeat and might even see your little one via ultrasound. I am currently 24 weeks and I had my 23 week appointment last week.  I have 110 days to go and that might sound like a lot of days but time is moving so quickly so I feel Feb. 4th will be here before I know it.  Am I ready? Absolutely not.  My life is in complete shambles right now but I’m optimistic that things in my life will turn around.

This pregnancy has me on pins and needles because it is so different from my first.  Maybe I just know what to expect this time or maybe I forgot some of the discomfort from my first pregnancy.  Either way,  this pregnancy is way different from the first.  I’m actually not nervous about labor and delivery but I am afraid about recovery.  I tore with Raylan and I thank God I had the epidural because I didn’t feel the doctors stitching me up.  I will discuss birth plans in another blog.  So,  what happened at my 23 week appointment?

When you have a healthy pregnancy,  not a lot goes on at these appointments compared to a high risk where the doctor may monitor a lot of different things during the appointment.  I love that at my doctor’s, there is not a huge wait time to be seen.  I pretty much check in up front,  give my urine sample and wait to be called back by the nurse.

The nurse checked my weight,  blood pressure and asked me about any of my concerns that I would like to discuss with the doctor.  Before pregnancy, I weighed 135 and now I weigh about 170 pounds. My blood pressure is great and in normal range.  Once I discuss all things with the nurse,  I go to a room and wait on the doctor.

The doctor comes in and goes over all current information like gender,  due date,  weight and my previous pregnancy.  I was concerned about my weight but my doctor says it’s not an issue.  I discussed with her that I was experiencing a lot of cramping and she said it was normal and that there are more aches and pains with subsequent pregnancies and not to be alarmed.  I’m a worry rat so I’m always alarmed.

Once we discussed my concerns,  the doctor checked on my baby.  Of course,  my little one was playing catch me if you can as the doctor tried to get his heartbeat. The doctor was able to get the heartbeat and it’s the strongest little heartbeat.  She measured my belly and I am measuring up with my weeks so no concerns there.  The doctor also offered the flu shot but I wanted to talk it over and research the pros and cons before getting one.  After much research, I will be getting the flu shot because I would rather be safe than sorry.  And that was pretty much the end of the appointment.  I get to look forward to the glucose screening at the next appointment  where you have to drink a sugary drink.

I made my next three appointments and I realized how real everything is becoming. I don’t go back in until another month but after that,  the appointments are bi weekly. I feel I have so much to do but such little time.

Now that you’ve made it to the end of the blog,  the name we have chosen for this baby boy is Rylan Matthew Randall!


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