I don’t even know where to start with this blog because my life is a complete mess right now.  I am currently 30 weeks and I have approximately 10 weeks left in this pregnancy.  I have so many emotions and I can’t even sort out all my emotions right now.

At 30 weeks,  the honeymoon phase of the second trimester is gone.  The changes I have noticed lately is increased baby movements, extreme fatigue and some back pain.  I am super uncomfortable and it is so hard to get a decent night’s sleep. I don’t feel like I have a glow and I struggle to embrace my pregnant belly.  I still have so much to do to prepare for this baby like getting the carseat,  packing my hospital bag, finding childcare because I do plan on going back to work and all that jazz. Along with my Vitamin D deficiency, I found out I’m anemic and need to include iron pills in my daily routine.  The one side effect of iron pills that has affected me most is constipation so that’s no fun at all.  My glucose screening came back and no signs of diabetes so that is great news.  That is all I have for my pregnancy update.

I am currently going through a lot in my life so it’s hard to focus on the arrival of my baby boy. I hate even sharing this because people are so judgemental and always feel people should only have babies they can afford.  At the time of my pregnancy,  I had a job and could afford both my babies.  And then I was told my position would be eliminated and life has went downhill since then.  I was lucky enough to get unemployment to survive for a few months.  My unemployment ran out and I have had to depend on my mom and credit cards for survival.  My mom received a notice last month that the place we are staying at is not going to renew the lease.  And it was so last minute so we have struggled to find a place by the time the apartment wants us out.

Basically at 30 weeks pregnant,  I am facing homelessness and I am kind of anxious that we won’t have a place by the time my baby boy arrives.  My mom has found a couple of places but with move in dates in mid January which is okay as long as we are approved. We would just have to stay in an extended stay for a month or so and it’s so hard to explain this to Raylan and make him understand.

But,  I am remaining positive and trying not to stress but dealing with such a move while in my third trimester is so hard.  It is so hard to pack and move around like I want to and I’m trying not to overdo it and send myself into early labor.  Just send good vibes my way! I know this situation could be much worse and I could be out on the streets so I’m thankful we can at least get an extended stay until our next move.

Besides that stress,  my pregnancy is actually going pretty well and I am so thankful for a healthy pregnancy. As I get ready for labor,  I have created a birth plan. I know you can never be prepared for labor and things don’t go according to plan but I still want a blueprint of my wants for me and my baby during and after labor.  My labor with Raylan was a hot mess and I’ll go over that in another blog.  I have included my birth plan down below and I’m actually not fearful of labor. I am more afraid of recovery and the what ifs.

I created this birth plan using the site http://pregnancyandbaby.com/calendars/articles/937331/birth-plan-creator. It was easy to use and fill out and if you’re looking for something simple and quick, I recommend using this site to do so.  My birth plan is simply I will see as I go. I am not going in wanting a natural birth and I will ask for the pain meds and epidural as soon as I feel I need it.  I would like to breastfeed but I am okay with supplementing with formula as needed. Raylan didn’t take to a pacifier and I’m not giving this baby one unless absolutely necessary. I am having a boy and planning on getting him circumcised hopefully while we are at the hospital. I have two people, my mom and Ryan, as support people that can advocate for my health and help me during and after labor. I do want to be in the actual delivery room alone just so everything is stress free but I know that is not realistic and I will needed a support person with me. I want music and maybe a yoga ball to help with the process. Though I absolutely do not want a C-section because it is major surgery and I heard recovery is tough, I am not going to fight the caregivers if one is needed. I know it’s kind of hard to read the birth plan but I just wanted to show what it looks like once completed.

Hope you all enjoyed the blog!


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