OMG! Can you all believe that it is almost time for me to deliver? I still can’t believe my due date is only 23 days away but as you know at this point in pregnancy, baby can come any day now.  My doctor’s appointments are now weekly and we are patiently waiting on Rylan’s arrival.


I had a doctor’s appointment today and things were a little different than usual.  Of course,  I did the usual pee sample and the nurse checked my weight and blood pressure.  I am currently 180 pounds and all baby.  The doctor also measured my belly and I’m measuring a little bigger than I should but my doctor thinks it was because of the way the baby was positioned. He was balled up and sticking his butt all the way out.  The doctor also checked his heartbeat and it sounded really good and I guess he’s too big to run from the Doppler now so we were able to get the heartbeat right away.


This appointment was different this time because they checked my cervix, and collected a sample for the Group B strep test and I had to have blood drawn to test for HIV and other STD’s.  The Group B strep test is to test for an infection that can be harmful for the baby and usually found in 25% of healthy adult women. It is a bacterial infection usually found in the vagina or rectum.  If you test positive,  you will be given antibiotics during labor to prevent the infection from spreading to the baby.  The way the doctor collects the sample is by using a really big Q-tip and swobbing below from the vagina to the rectum.  The test is not painful but can be a bit uncomfortable. After that test,  the doctor checked my cervix and I am currently 4 CM dilated and baby is head down.  The doctor even told me she could feel his head (OMG). Since I labored rather fast with Raylan,  the doctor informed me I should be ready any day now to go into labor.  After those two tests,  I had my blood drawn.


I am experiencing a lot of mixed emotions right now but mostly excited.  Any day now,  I can be holding my little boy in my arms and I just can’t wait.


As far as pregnancy is concerned, everything is going well. At 36 weeks and being in my third trimester,  I am over being pregnant. I am uncomfortable and the baby is putting a lot of pressure on my lower back.  I used to be able to take long walks and now I can’t even stand without shortness of breath.  I have stretch marks on my belly but that’s no big deal for me.  I have experienced some heartburn and it’s nothing pickle juice can’t cure.  I am gassy, starved and just want my body back. All in all,  I have enjoyed my pregnancy and I have been pretty happy and content this pregnancy.  I am just wondering if this belly can get any bigger. That is pretty much it for this pregnancy update!


Hope you all enjoyed the blog!



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