With this pregnancy, I am always hungry even after I have had a meal, I am starved. I enjoy snacking throughout the day instead of having a second helping of food and it usually helps to curb my hunger and helps me feel comfortably full and not stuffed. You are what you eat, and I am very conscious about the things I choose to eat and snack on even though I do have my moments where I indulge in my guilty pleasures.


I know that there are certain things I need in my diet to be healthy and that my baby also needs to be strong and healthy so I try to snack and eat as healthy as possible during this pregnancy. And eating healthy doesn’t have to be tasteless and boring and I learned that during this pregnancy. I learned that I can satisfy my unhealthy cravings with healthy foods and snacks, but I must admit I do give in and satisfy my unhealthy cravings occasionally.


The best snacks while pregnant are nutritious and satisfying and I try to stick to snacks that are tasty and packed with nutrients. Also, I want to say the idea that you are eating for two is false and you only need an additional 300 calories while pregnant. You want to make sure you are gaining a healthy amount of weight while pregnant and at the same time avoid the risk of other health complications while pregnant because of poor diet and excessive weight gain.  I know sometimes I get really hungry and think I need to order an additional meal for my unborn but usually one meal and a snack satisfies my hunger just fine.


Below are my favorite snacks while pregnant:



I have low iron and have to take iron pills and a side effect of taking iron pills is constipation. Constipation during pregnancy is the worst because you feel really full but also really hungry. Apples give me the fiber that is missing in my diet to keep me regular. And apples are sweet enough to satisfy my sweet cravings. And if I want to add extra protein to my diet, I usually have apple slices with peanut butter.



Cheese does not help with the constipation issue, but I know I don’t get enough calcium in my diet so snacking on cheese is a must for me. Calcium keeps the bones and teeth strong and essential for the baby’s bone structure. I know first hand that the growing baby will take calcium from your bones if you don’t get enough while pregnant. Since I already take iron, vitamin D and prenatal vitamins, I would rather try to get calcium through food than another pill. I like having cheese in the form of string cheese, a cup of cheese cubes or two slices of cheese a day.


Greek yogurt

I love Greek yogurt and it is loaded with protein and calcium. Greek yogurt contains probiotics that help maintain a healthy digestive system. I usually like to add my own fresh fruit to plain Greek yogurt but other times, I just get the fruit flavored Greek yogurt.



In the beginning of my pregnancy, I was told I needed to up my water intake and cucumbers are the perfect snack for this. Cucumbers contain a lot of water and even though, I don’t mind drinking water, I enjoy having another option to up my water intake.



Carrots also contain a lot of water and for some reason, during this pregnancy I have had a craving for carrots. I usually eat carrots plain but occasionally, I eat carrots with dressing. Sue me!


Dried fruit and nuts

This is just an easy on the go snack for me. I usually get a lightly salted or unsalted mix of dried fruits and nuts if I’m not in the mood to make my own little mix. It’s important to watch your sodium intake while pregnant and a lot of the packaged trail mix has a lot of sodium. This is the reason, I like to prepare my own mix and it’s a great way to get the dried fruits and nuts I like. My trail mix usually consist of almonds, cashews, pistachios, dried unsweetened cranberries and dark chocolate.


Hard boiled eggs

Before pregnancy, I loved scrambled eggs but I have not been a fan of scrambled eggs while pregnant. I do enjoy hard boiled eggs from time to time and it is a satisfying and filling snack.Hard boiled eggs are loaded with calcium, Vitamin A and protein. I only have two hard boiled eggs in a sitting.



The best thing about oatmeal is that you can have it any time of the day for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Oatmeal is full of fiber, easy to make and easy to tote on the go. I am not a fan of the fruit flavored instant oatmeal. If I want to spruce up my oatmeal, I add granola, raisins or blueberries.


Grape Tomatoes

This snack is easy to munch on and doesn’t have a lot of calories. This snack is packed with Vitamin C, fiber, some vitamin A and a little folate. This is a good on the go snack as well.


Fruit Cups/Fresh Fruit

Fruit cups are easy to grab out the cabinet and put right into my purse. I stay away from the fruit cups packed in syrup because of the additives and I buy the fruit cups packed in natural fruit juice. If I have time, I make my own fruit cups by cutting up fresh fruit and packaging in a little container if I want to take my fruit on the go. I like snacking on watermelon because of the water it contains.


Now, I try to only eat as healthy as possible during this pregnancy because if you eat like crap, you’re going to feel like crap. With that being said, I just wanted to also include my top 4 guilty pleasures while pregnant. My guilty pleasures tend to change depending on my mood and cravings but these four things I crave the most and do not get sick of them. Actually, I don’t feel guilty about these things because they are so good and sometimes I just need a guilty pleasure snack as a pick me up.

1. Chocolate Cake. I was not a fan of chocolate before this pregnancy but now I find myself wanting chocolate cake, ice-cream, cookies and candy bars. And there is this chocolate cake  from  Publix that I always crave. OMG! This cake is to die for and it is even better when you put it in the microwave and the fudge melts a little bit.

2. Spicy BBQ chips. This has been a craving from the very beginning. I don’t snack on these chips often because I have no self-control and will eat a whole bag in one sitting. But when I do snack on these chips, I feel like I’m in Heaven. The chips are the right amount of tangy, spicy and sweet.

3. Sugary cereal. Yes, I know whole grain cereal is best but sometimes I need a bowl of Froot Loops or Frosted Flakes. If I’m craving something sweet, I enjoy a nice bowl of sugary cereal from time to time.

4. French fries. I can’t help but love fries and at one point, fries were the only thing that didn’t make me nauseous in the beginning of my pregnancy. I love my fries hot with the right amount of salt.

This concludes the blog about the snacks and guilty pleasure snacks that I have enjoyed while pregnant. Try to eat as healthy as possible but don’t feel bad about satisfying an unhealthy craving especially if it’s once in a while. What are your favorite snacks while pregnant? Comment below!


Hope you all enjoyed the blog!


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