I have such exciting news to share.  I have waited to do an update until I had my first doctor’s appointment. After issues with insurance and trying to find a doctor,  I found one and I had my first appointment on September 11 and I had my ultrasound today.


It has been so nerve-wracking to wait to see a doctor because I just wanted to make sure my little one was okay.  I mean I was 17 weeks having my first doctor’s appointment. Just craziness.


Anyway,  at the first appointment I did a weigh in,  answered questions about my health, about my previous pregnancy and I had to have blood drawn for lab tests.


Before I got pregnant,  I was about 130 pounds and now I am about 165. I was wearing a size 6 in dresses and pants and now I’m a size 12 just to get an idea about my weight.  I got my lab results back and I found out I’m slightly anemic and have a Vitamin D deficiency. I should be able to correct my low iron with food and I have to take a Vitamin D supplement. I was slightly anemic with Raylan so I expected to be slightly anemic with this one too.


That was the first appointment and I got a good feel of the doctor I chose.  I’m happy with the choice I made when it comes to my Ob-gyn because they really took time to answer all of my questions and the doctor office had a nice clean set up.  The doctor I had with Raylan was okay but lacked a personal touch.  Today, was my second visit at the doctor and I still feel the same way.


Today,  was the ultrasound appointment which was all about the baby and how the baby is growing. Watching my little one on the screen was amazing because the baby was so active. My baby was kicking,  punching,  stretching and just having a good time.  My ultrasound tech joked that I was having a little wiggle worm and the baby was just doing Pilates. I have been feeling the baby move so to see the baby actually moving on the screen and to hear the heartbeat was amazing.


I found out a lot of different things at this appointment. She asked if I wanted to know the gender and I’m not the person that can wait 9 months to find out.  I’m just too curious for all of that. My due date has changed to February 4, 2018 which is Superbowl Sunday. How exciting! I am officially 20 weeks and halfway there. I have been told to expect this baby to be between 8-10 pounds at birth since Raylan was 7 pounds when I delivered at 37 weeks.  The absolute best part about this appointment was that this doctor had warm gel for the ultrasound  which felt amazing.


Now, for the moment you all have been waiting for! I found out the gender for this baby and gender never mattered.  As long as my baby is happy and healthy,  I’m good.  A small part of me wanted a girl just to get my boy and girl out the way. And another part of me wanted a little boy because I’ve always wanted 3 kids and to have my boys first just seemed ideal. Anyway,  enough rambling….




Yes,  I am having another little boy so if you guessed it,  you guessed right!




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