I had a doctor’s appointment on Thursday Nov. 9th, 2017 and my appointments have started to get more frequent so I will go back in 2 weeks instead of waiting the usual 4 weeks. This appointment was like my other appointments. The only difference is I had to do the glucose screening at this appointment. This is to check for diabetes in pregnancy.  I know a lot of people dread or complain about this test but the drink wasn’t that bad.  Maybe I was thirsty or something.  I had 15 minutes to drink the drink and I pretty much just chugged it.  They take your blood exactly an hour after you finish the drink.  I had the drink before my appointment and pretty much got through my appointment and then had my blood drawn.

There are about 6 doctors at my office and any of them can deliver my baby if my primary ob-gyn is unavailable. I had been seeing the same doctor all this time but this time I saw a different doctor.  I thought it would be awkward but this doctor was also super nice,  informative and knowledgeable. Before the start of every appointment, I give a pee sample.  And then the nurse takes my weight.  I now weigh 176 pounds and it seems they are not concerned about my weight gain yet so hopefully that’s a good sign.  I then went to the room and waited on the doctor.  She listened to the heartbeat and measured me and stated that I wasn’t too big and I wasn’t too small.  We talked about different pregnancy symptoms and making sure I was aware of what preterm labor would feel like of I was to experience it.

This pretty much summed up what happened at my appointment.

Hope you all enjoyed the blog!


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