Months before Raylan’s birthday, we were trying to decide what to do for his birthday. We thought about a party then there was a new Covid surge and we decided against having a party. We didn’t want to spend a lot of money and no one shows up to the party. I asked Ray what he would like to do and he wasn’t too sure. He said he would like to go bowling or something like that.

We decided to do a couple of things and just make his birthday as special as possible. Last year, we were in the thick of the pandemic and nothing was really open. And on top of that, our car had broken down so we weren’t able to do what we really wanted to do last year. Ray went through a lot this past year and I just wanted him to feel good for his special day.

On Friday, the day before his birthday, we went to Pine Lake Beach and enjoyed his birthday cake. Then my mom, Ry and I went to Walmart to buy his gifts. We got him things he’s been wanting for awhile.

Let’s talk about the cake for a second. This was a last minute type of thing. We were going to find a baker to do a really nice Roblox cake. I was unable to find anyone and decided to go my usual route. We always buy our cakes from Publix and I decided to go online and see what they had. The SpongeBob cake stood out to me because that has become his favorite show lately. He was so excited to see this cake and I knew I made the right decision with this cake.

He woke up early Saturday morning to open his gifts and he was so excited to see what he got. We weren’t sure what we were going to do on his actual day between going bowling or another attraction in the area. Ray wanted to spend his birthday money so we went to Five Below. He enjoyed walking around the store and buying things with his own money.

Then we decided on going to Tiny Towne since he could get a discount for his birthday. At this attraction, he could drive, play games in the carcade and enjoy a train ride. We had a blast and then Ray wanted to try new foods for his birthday so we had takeout from a Vietnamese restaurant near Tiny Towne.

And that’s what we did for Ray’s eighth birthday. Hopefully next year, his birthday won’t be during a surge again and we can enjoy with family and friends. Raylan had a blast for his birthday and he was happy and that’s what matters most to me.

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