Raylan’s birthday celebration did not end on August 14th, 2016. We kept celebrating and celebrating his special day. And then the day came where I had to tell him his birthday was over. He wasn’t very happy about his birthday celebration coming to an end so he refused to turn three. Great toddler reasoning, huh. And he is still 2 and telling people that he is 2.  A lot of exciting things happened after Raylan’s 3rd birthday so it felt like a continuous celebration of his day.
Just look at this beautiful smile of Raylan on the day of his birthday!
Almost a week after his birthday celebration, he started preschool at his very new school on Friday, August 19th, 2016. We did a lot of shopping and preparation before the big day. He was very excited about starting school somewhere else and so was I. He has been asking about going to a new school for awhile and I wanted to wait until he was officially 3 and fully potty-trained. He had a great first day!
 The weekend after his birthday, Zoo Atlanta was free so we decided to go back. This was on August 20th, 2016.  We didn’t get a chance to see everything on his first visit and he was a little grumpy so he didn’t get the full experience. It was very nice going back and watching him explore everything. We had a chance to see and do things that we didn’t do the first time around.
Right outside the zoo, was a firetruck. If you know Raylan then you know he loves everything about firetrucks and firefighters.  He had a chance to put on the equipment and get in the firetruck with the firefighter. This made his day!
We received our tickets and went right into the zoo ready to explore.
This is the map of Zoo Atlanta. We literally did half the things on this map on Raylan’s birthday weekend. We still had a lot of things to see and do to get the full experience of Zoo Atlanta.
For example, the flamingos are right at the entrance but on the last trip, we rushed him straight to the restroom and he missed them. His pink shirt was perfect for this picture.
He saw this statue of a lion that he just had to sit on. How fitting for a Leo, huh?
Last visit, he really wanted to feed a giraffe and get close to a giraffe. He used to carry around a stuffed giraffe when he was a baby so to see a giraffe up close was exciting for him.  We didn’t feed the giraffes on the last visit because it was a long line and I didn’t want to inconvenience my friend who came along for the adventure on the previous weekend. It was three dollars to feed the giraffe and Raylan held onto his dollar ready to hand it to the lady at the front to feed the giraffe.  (He gave me and Nani a dollar each so we were each holding a dollar as well.)
He had a chance to see an elephant this time around. The elephants were not out on the previous weekend. You could see the one in the back getting his grub on.
He also saw warthogs and not sure how he felt about them. He was intrigued then they moved towards him and he was ready to move onto the next thing.

We had a chance to go the newest addition of Zoo Atlanta to see the reptiles and amphibian. We completely missed this and I had no idea about this exhibit on our last visit. Raylan absolutely enjoyed this. He loved the turtles the most. I don’t know how he felt about the snakes.
He was fascinated by the lizard in this photo. He was in this position staring at the lizard for what seemed like hours.
Outside the reptile and amphibian exhibit was this cool sitting area.
We had a chance to see the Pandas on this trip and we watched the twins eat which was a fascinating experience.
We even spotted a Panda on the train.

 Raylan saw the kangaroos up close on this visit and he really wanted them to hop around. But, they obviously were not in the mood.
We went to the KidZone again. We scored a free bracelet that would let Raylan ride the rides for an unlimited amount of time.  So, he rode the carousel three times and rode the train once. He rode the train this time with Nani.  He didn’t seem to enjoy the train as much on this trip compared to the last trip.
He did well waiting his turn but I could tell by the expression on his face that he was ready to get on the carousel.
Finally, we’re on the carousel and Raylan loved this the most. Check out these smiles!
He even waited patiently to board the train. If you know Raylan then you know impatience is his middle name.
I think Nani might have enjoyed the train ride a little more than Raylan.

We really enjoyed our visit at Zoo Atlanta and we will visit again and again. Raylan has always loved animals and this experience for him was amazing.
And the birthday celebration continued with outings, birthday gifts still rolling in and a final celebration with mini-cupcakes. We received a gift from Auntie Tay-Tay in the mail and he was excited mostly about the watch she bought him. She wasn’t able to make it to his celebration so she mailed his gift to him.
He could not stop telling time with the watch Auntie Tay-Tay bought him.
I bought Raylan cupcakes on August 23rd, 2016 and told him his birthday celebration was over. His 3rd birthday had to be the best birthday ever for him! I will continue to do destination birthdays for him from here on out.
 He made this face as he came to the realization that his birthday celebration was truly coming to an end.


The End: Well, not really. Until Next Time. Hope You All Enjoyed the Blog!


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