Raylan Christopher is officially 4 years old! He turned 4 on August 14th of this year and had his birthday party August 12th. I still can’t believe that I have a 4-year-old and it seems that time is moving so quickly. It’s amazing to see his growth and his amazing personality. Raylan is one tough kid but he’s also very kind and a sweetheart. He’s a fighter, talks a lot of junk and an overall great kid. I love having conversations with him and remembering a time he could only look up at me and babble. Because of Raylan, I have become a better person and I am glad he is in our lives. Now, onto the pictures of the party.


To be honest, I wasn’t going to do a party this year because kids hardly show up and it is always a waste of money but Raylan wanted a party so we had a party. And his party was a great time and I am glad we decided to have a party. We went with a Paw Patrol theme because that is his favorite show at the moment. We actually started the day with a birthday call from the Paw Patrol pups, thanks to the Nick Jr. Birthday Club.


Raylan’s birthday party was held at HippoHopp which is an indoor playground place here in Atlanta. The venue was perfect for his party. It offered a lot of running room with a lot of different things to do, spacious party rooms equipped with a Bluetooth speaker to play music and also a projector for a photo slideshow and the food served at HippoHopp is organic.



Raylan was excited from the moment that we arrived at the venue. I set up the room while everyone else was out and about enjoying the venue with Raylan.


I was one tired Momma after setting up the room.  My shirt was tye-dyed by Raylan which is why I’m showcasing this photo.

One of his friends arrived and they had a chance to get their faces painted. Once their faces were painted, they ran off to enjoy every inch of the venue.


More friends arrived and I am glad he had friends there to enjoy his special day because I wasn’t sure if he would have anyone at his party. It was hard getting pictures of the children while playing so I just included a few candids from the party. After the children had an hour or so to play, it was time to go to the party room and enjoy food, cake and music.

The guests enjoyed time in the party room as we listened to music and watched the photo slideshow. After enjoying time in the party room, the children enjoyed more time running around before going home.


And that’s a wrap! Raylan enjoyed his birthday party so much and had an amazing time at HippoHopp. Thanks to all the guests for coming out and celebrating with Raylan!




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