Rylan is officially a month old! I read somewhere that newborns are boring and don’t do a lot for the first few months. I would have to disagree because Rylan has been anything but boring. He is finally getting into a routine and is up for some parts of the day and when he’s up, he loves to play and be entertained.  I’m going to tell you all about what Rylan has been up to this past month.


Born: January 12, 2018 at 10:35 am

Birth Weight: 6 lbs 11 oz

Birth Height: 19 and a half inches


1-Month Update

Weight: 9 lbs 14 oz

Height: 20 inches


What is he doing?

According to the Healthy children website, at a month old a baby makes jerky,quivering arm thrusts, brings hands within range of eyes and mouth, keeps hands in tight fists and has strong reflex movements.



Rylan has the cutest little “smile” and it usually happens in his sleep or if he’s looking up at me. I know that this is probably just gas or apart of his quirkiness but still cute nonetheless. He even giggles in his sleep.


If he’s placed on his back, he rolls to his side and sometimes ends up on his belly. I usually put him back on his back because he hasn’t mastered rolling back to his back. I know you might not believe me but it is true.




He loves tummy time and even holding up his head pretty well.


What is he eating?

My plan was to breastfeed for 4 months and supplement with formula but if you’ve been following my postpartum journey blogs, I have been going through it and I couldn’t keep up. I stopped breastfeeding when he was about 2 weeks old and he’s doing well on his formula.

We are using the Enfamil Enspire formula which is supposed to be closest to breast milk but it is quite expensive. The tub pictured above cost us 40 bucks. We have tried other formulas and this is the only one working for him right now. He’s not fussy, pooping regularly, not spitting up and gaining weight so we will continue using it for now. I signed up for Enfamil Family Beginnings and they sent coupons throughout the pregnancy and also sent out samples of their formula. So, if you plan to use formula see if the formula brand you are using has a similar program and save on formula.  Because of the samples they sent, we were easily able to figure out which would work best for him without wasting a lot of money.  We tried a lot of different bottles as well. The two Rylan are really loving right now are the Evenflo Balance bottle and the Nuk Simply Natural bottles. He likes the Nuk Simply natural bottles a little more.

Anyway, he came home from the hospital eating 2 oz every 2 to 3 hours.  Now he has 4 oz every 2 to 3 hours.  Usually he goes 3 hours before we need to feed him and other times he goes 2 hours between feedings. I guess it all depends on the day for him.  We upped his oz once he started waking up every hour and a half for a 2 oz feeding.


I felt guilty at first when I stopped breastfeeding especially when I planned to do so for at least 4 months but formula feeding actually works best in my situation. My baby is not hungry and he’s very healthy. I am not stressing over supply and pumping and I’m happy and a happy mom is a happy baby.


How does he sleep?


He actually sleeps pretty well. He typically sleeps between feeds and he usually gets his goodnight bottle at 10 and he’s not up again until 2 or 3 in the morning.  A five-hour night stretch is good enough for me and I don’t expect for him to sleep through the night.  I enjoy the nightly and early morning feeds where it’s just me and him. I have a 4-year-old so I like to make individual time with them both and these feedings are perfect for that.

I found he sleeps better when swaddled. He likes to be swaddled with his arms out. And of course, he likes curling up on me to sleep.

His Likes?

He likes his Boppy pillow so he can sit up and also enjoy tummy time. He likes being on the floor on his play mat so he’s able to kick his legs freely. He also likes music and if he’s fussy music calms him.

His dislikes?

Rylan is not fond of diaper changes and for some reason he always poops in his sleep. I hate waking him up but I don’t want him sitting or lying in poop and he’s usually pretty fussy during these changes. He also doesn’t like the wipes because they are cold and I’m looking into a wipe warmer but I’m not seeing great reviews on those things.  He didn’t like his first bath at the hospital and cried the entire time and he’s pretty much the same way at a month old when we give him a bath. He’s currently on a bath a week schedule.


1-Month doctor’s appointment

This was his second doctor’s appointment.

The first thing we had to do was get Rylan undressed to his diaper. And then he was weighed and they checked his temperature and we went back into the room. The nurse checked his height and gave me a paper to list my concerns.  My only concern was what to do to keep him safe from the flu since my 4-year-old brought that virus into the home. And the doctor said to make sure Raylan was washing his hands and not breathing on Rylan. My mom thought I was being paranoid when it came to protecting Rylan from the flu but I was reassured that I was doing everything right.


Once the nurse left the room, the doctor came in to check him out. He’s developmentally on track and looks really good. His lungs sound great, no tummy issues, his circumcision has healed up nicely and his belly button looks really good (no puss or redness). Rylan got a clean bill of health.


And then the worst part of the visit was the vaccination. He only received one this visit and his doctor is great about spreading those out.  He cried a little and was just fine. Luckily it was feeding time and I gave him a bottle and he went right to sleep. He had a little fever later in the day and I massaged his leg and  day after the shot he seemed to be doing well and back to his happy playful self.


This is pretty much it for his 1-month old update. I decided to share some photos from our impromptu 1 month old photo shoot we did at home.



Be sure to check out the YouTube video where you can see video clips from his first month:


Hope you all enjoyed the blog!


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