Recently, I have been getting back to loving myself more and doing more of what I love. I’ve been getting dressed nicely just because. I’ve been caring about my appearance a little more these days. I’ve been in darkness for some time as I struggled to maintain my sanity and live day by day. I feel like I’m no longer in that dark place and enjoying life again.

I’ve always put my kids first and I still do, don’t get me wrong. I just wanted for once to do something special for myself. I hardly do anything for myself and buying these clip on earrings was something I did for me. I haven’t worn earrings in years and getting these made me so happy. I love having these added accessories with my outfits now.

Let’s get into the earrings I bought!

Aloha Earrings – Clip On Hoop Earrings for Women 

I got the Gold XXL hoops from this brand and I think they look so realistic. I will definitely order more clip ons from this brand. I’ve never had hoop earrings even when I had my ears pierced and I really love these.

SAILIMUE 8 Pairs Clip Earrings Sets for Women 

They had a lot of different sets available and it was so hard to choose one. I love the set I got and they are very comfortable to wear. In the photos, I’m wearing the flower pair and the butterfly pair.

FINREZIO 4Pairs Clip On Dangle Earrings 

I randomly saw these while browsing and had to get them. They were different and my style and I just knew these would be so cute on my ears. Though they look heavy, these are very lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Fettero Women Ear Cuff Earrings Gold Non Pierced

I personally think ear cuffs are so fashionable and stylish so when I saw these, I had to get them. They arrived as pictured in a cute pink box. The packaging really sold me on these cuffs then I put them on and loved them even more.

These are all of the earrings I bought from Amazon. Tell me below what your favorite pair is!

Also if you want to check out a video of me trying them on, the link is below:–p9Yx44QRs


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