Today’s blog is all about the different foods that I have found at the grocery store. These are things that looked interesting to me and I wanted to try. Quarantine has made me so bored and willing to step out of my comfort zones and try something new. I’ve tried new foods, different recipes, art styles and found new hobbies. Enough about that, onto the food finds.


I found this Stir Fry mix in the salad section of the grocery store. I loved that it came with a sauce and some of my favorite veggies. I added mushrooms and scallions to this mix and it was so good. I had this with plain white rice.

If you ever tried this stir fry, let me know what you think.


I found this C & S Honey Supply at Publix. I loved that it came with a honey comb and was local honey. It was delicious and way different than the store brand honey I usually buy.


I love toast! I found this organic butter and I wanted to give it a try. And this brand is one of my favorites.


I found this Sweet Chili Sauce and knew I wanted to use it on chicken wings. It was delicious and has become one of my favorite sauces.

An up close look of the sauce
This is the seasoning I used on the chicken if you’re curious.
The wings with scallions on top. Yummy!


I have passed by this in the grocery store so many times and finally decided to give it a try. The fettuccine noodles were easy to make and the sauce was delicious. I have a YouTube video of making this.

Up close photo of the fettuccine and alfredo sauce
You can add veggies, chicken or seafood to this alfredo.
These are some of the seasonings I used in the alfredo.


It was my first time trying water cress. I sauteed it in the skillet with garlic, salt and pepper and I really liked it.


My sons and I love making pizza. We found these and had to try it out. We had so much fun making pizza. We also have a video on this if you’re interested.


We found this Flossie’s Corn Dog kit at Bass Pro shop. This was a fun activity to do with my sons. I’ve tried to make corn dogs before and it was a fail. This time it went a little better.


So I’ve tried pita bread before but I wanted to try a new recipe with pita bread. This time I made fajita pita pockets.

This was a super easy and quick meal to put together. I used chicken, peppers and onions in this pita pocket.


I used to buy the frozen Italian meatballs and was so happy to find these meatballs. My kids love when I use these meatballs to make spaghetti and meatballs. These meatballs are packed with so much flavor and I’ll never buy frozen again.


There’s two things in this picture that were new to me. I found this mortar and pestle at Ross and used it to make guacamole. And these tortilla chips from Sprouts were so good.


I love using the Grace flavored soup mix. My sons weren’t feeling their best and I made this soup for them. This was an easy Crockpot meal and it came together quickly.


I found these at Publix and it reminded me of a fresh Funyons. The flavor is really powerful so if you don’t like onions, you won’t like this.


The last food find is this shaved steak I found at Kroger. I usually buy the Philly Cheese steak kit in the frozen food aisle but it’s expensive. I decided to try making a sandwich myself and it was so good. I’ll have another blog all about this sandwich.

These are my food finds! I’ve discovered so many great things in the grocery store so I figured I would share. If you have tried any of these things, let me know. And also suggest new things to me too.


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