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So, it’s been awhile since I’ve done a subscription review because I was trying to save money and I honestly didn’t need any of the things that I once was subscribed to at the time. With the Rockets of Awesome, Raylan didn’t need any clothes but I wanted to order a winter box and see what they would send us. It doesn’t get too cold where I live and the weather is constantly changing so I didn’t need most of the things that were sent in the box.


With this box, they sent me a coupon to get the entire box for $150. But, some of the things in the box either didn’t fit or Raylan had something similar. I still really enjoy this box because they do have unique kids’ clothing and I can shop in a personalized store as well. I do need to update Raylan’s sizes and tweak his style profile so his Spring box is a better buy. I also like that you can see what items are going to be in the box and approve and swap items out before the box is sent to you. It wasn’t a big selection to choose from when swapping the items so I was not completely satisfied with the Winter box.  I subscribed to the box for unique clothing so I don’t like seeing a bunch of pieces that I can get elsewhere for a fraction of the price.


With Rockets of Awesome, you fill out a style profile and the team handpicks items based on the profile.  You have to pay a $20 service fee and that goes towards anything that you decide to keep. Shipping is free both ways. Each piece ranges in price from $16-$38.


The clothes are usually shipped in this blue box that looks like a briefcase. Included in the box with the clothes are any offers that you may have, information about the clothing like size, name and price, the prepaid shipping label and the bag to put the returned clothes in.  Now, onto what I received in the winter box.


Active Side Stripe Jogger Black

Price: $28


I really liked these pants as well but the pants were too tight. I’m thinking about buying them in a bigger size.




Anti-Gravity Hoodie

Price: $28


I like the color and fit of this hoodie. It has Zero to Awesome on one sleeve and a lightning design on the other sleeve.




Lightweight Performance Hoodie

Price: $26


I wanted to include with and without flash photos so you can see the detail of this hoodie. This hoodie was super cute and unique to me. And Raylan is going through a phase where he really likes hoodies so we kept this item.



Active Awesome Jogger

Price: $28


These fit really nicely on Raylan. I liked the material and how soft the pants were. Raylan likes to move around so I don’t spend a lot of money on form-fitting or skinny fit pants because it doesn’t get any wear.


Pancake Tee Heather Comet

Price: $26


Raylan loves pancakes and really wanted to keep this shirt. I can see us getting some wear out of this shirt because it is a little big on him now.


Remix Jogger Dark Heather Gray

Price: $32


I actually really liked these pants but they were a little snug fitting.  I’m definetly considering buying these in a bigger size. Raylan and I both love the camo design.


Camo Hoodie

Price: $30


I liked the style of the Camo hoodie but the fit was a little awkward.  And to be honest, I have seen this elsewhere for the fraction of the price and it was a little nicer than this one.


We Are Awesome Beanie

Price: $24


We really liked the hat but it was a tad bit too small.

Compared to other kids’ clothing subscription boxes, I really like Rockets of Awesome the best.  The clothes are very unique and make kids feel really cool with the bright colors and Awesome messages and graphic tees. And after your first box, you get your own personalized store where you can shop for even more awesome clothes.  I do not feel that this is the most budget friendly subscription but perfect if you don’t have time to look for deals or looking for a couple of unique pieces or don’t have time to go to the store or mall to try on clothes. You can pause or cancel at anytime and the customer service is amazing.  Also, I should mention that this box only ships out four times a year right before each season starts. I can’t wait to see what’s in my Spring box after I tweak Raylan’s style profile.


The coolest part of the subscription for Raylan is that the box is like a big coloring sheet and he also likes having mail sent to him.

If you are interested in learning more and also getting this subscription, click the link below:

When you order using the above link, you get a free item of your choosing.

Hope you all enjoyed the blog!


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