My previous blog was my opinion on what I felt the protests have accomplished so far. My sons and I have been at home watching the live feeds of the protests from around the world.

I’ve been waiting on a protest to come to my area so I wouldn’t have to travel so far. Today, we went to the Decatur Square to be apart of history and so my oldest son could put everything into perspective.

Raylan and I sat in the parking lot creating the signs we would hold up during the protest.

We had the chance to hear different speakers, chant, sing and just fellowship with others. I learned about more cases of police brutality and felt even more inspired to create and be apart of the change. It was an eye opening experience and I’m happy that it was peaceful and my sons got a chance to experience it.

Here are the photos from the June 7, 2020 protests !

This was such a good experience for us. I hope you all enjoyed the photos !


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