Really? Who can forget the toilet paper fiasco at the beginning of this pandemic? The aisles are still pretty bare a month later.

We were in a crisis before the crisis and the crisis has only magnified it.

As I look around my world now, I see nothing but masks and gloves. I am fearful of going on essential trips like to the grocery store because I’m afraid of coming into contact with the virus. I’m homeless and in an extended stay and I’m fearful that if I get it, I will not have anywhere to self-quarantine. I am also fearful that my mom or brother will lose their income and we have nowhere to go if we can’t afford the weekly rate. We were in a crisis before the crisis and the crisis has only magnified it.

It kind of saddens me when people act like it’s no big deal when our world is changing around us everyday. I also don’t like when people say stock up for a month when not everyone has that luxury. Schools are closed for the rest of the school year and we must engage in virtual learning which includes Zoom meetings, assignments and constant communication. The news is constantly blasting information about the virus and it’s like you can’t get away from it.

All in all, I’m grateful for life and grateful to be spending so much time with my family. Though things seem scary right now, I’m very hopeful. I see so many people saying they want to get back to normal but what’s normal after this? We must accept our new normal and realize things won’t be the same post-pandemic as they were pre-pandemic.

You might be hearing a lot about Georgia in the national news because our Governor has allowed GA to reopen some businesses. I will not be going out anytime soon. We have been sheltering in place for a few weeks where mostly everything is closed, only drive thru is available and only essential trips are allowed. I want to show photos of things I’ve noticed around my area and in stores I visit.

There are signs in all the stores that I visit to keep a distance of 6 feet.

The gyms are closed but will be allowed to reopen soon…even before the pandemic is over.

Signs thanking essential workers like healthcare workers are appearing all over.

And today, I saw my first coronavirus drive thru testing center.

We stay away from parks because they tend to be too crowded. We have been using empty parking lots as a chance to run, play and bike.

Stores that are not essential are closed.

In a Publix I noticed they had one way aisles and clear markings on the floor to let you know which way to go and where to stand.

Most stores are not accepting returns and exchanges at this time. Also, the fitting rooms are closed.

No dine in restaurants at the moment but some will be allowed to reopen soon.

The entrance of the stores look a little interesting right now.

Drive thru only at most restaurants.

Our public transit system has suspended 60 routes because of the virus. All of the routes in my area have been suspended so I’m thankful we have a car to get around.

CDC now recommends wearing some type of face covering out in public. Of course, all masks are currently sold out. We ordered some cloth ones and will customize them ourselves.

This is what my world looks like now. At first, it worried me but now I’m realizing this is just the way it is. My new normal is only going out for essential trips, washing my hands multiple times a day and sanitizing all my purchases before putting everything in my own bags.

Stay safe and healthy! When you look around, what do you see?


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