Do you know what to say and do in an IEP meeting? Do you know when an education lawyer is needed? Do you want to know how to be more involved in your child’s education? This course will answer those questions and more.

Navigating Public School as a parent can be a real challenge. And if your child is experiencing challenges academically, it can be even harder. In this course, Joshlyn Nicole talks about public school and the statistics that show Black students are at a disadvantage and what parents can do to change that.

If you’ve been on social media, you might have seen a complaint or two from a teacher stating they want parents to be more involved. Well, this course helps you become a more involved parent. Not only more involved but informed and educated too.

Joshlyn Nicole went through hell and back with the public school system and wanted to share her experience. Understanding how the system works for and against you is paramount for your child’s success. Advocating for your child and fighting for your child is a must so they can thrive in the public school system.

There’s no doubt that public school needs serious reform. It’s one of the systems that is still segregated. Teacher bias and judgement of a person’s socioeconomic status can put Black students especially at a disadvantage. It leads to our children being misdiagnosed with ADHD and autism. It leads to behavioral issues that eventually leads to students finding their way to the juvenile detention center.

It’s on us the parents to help make change happen. We have to bridge the gap so there’s no longer a difference between the lower poverty schools and the high income schools. The students at both schools should have the same resources, adequate support, experienced teachers and guidance counselors. As parents, we have to demand quality education for our children and be involved in our children’s education. This course will help you do that and more.

You’ll walk away from this course with knowledge and the power to navigate the public school system.

Check out the course today for $10. It won’t be this price long!


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