Holiday Gift Guide for Boys 3-6 Years Old

The holidays are here and the toy aisles are full of great gift ideas. The problem is knowing which toys or products are worth the buy. I have a 5 year old and he has had a lot of toys in his life. He still has a pretty nice toy collection. The products that I am recommending are ones that we have had for awhile and Raylan still enjoys playing with them.

The key to buying the perfect gift for this age range is knowing what they like. And as we know at this age, what they like varies by the day. Having a general idea of what toys interest your little boy will make this process easier.

You want to take them to a toy store and see what toys peak their interest. Once you have an idea, shopping becomes just a little easier.

These are the toys that I believe boys aged 3-6 would love and enjoy.


Action Figures

My five year old loves his action figures! Once you find out their favorite character or superhero, this could be a great buy. If your little one likes more interactive toys, then you would like to find an action figure that makes noise or an action figure where you can move the legs and arms. Our Buzz Lightyear and Zurg toy from Disney are our interactive action figures.


Imaginext has a lot of cool toys!  Find one that your little one will like and it will provide hours of fun. Raylan has had this Batcave for almost 2 years and still really enjoys this toy.

The one pictured is the Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Transforming Batcave. You will not regret buying this toy.




You cannot go wrong with books especially pop up books, books about their favorite subject or 3D books. My son loves receiving books on Christmas but again it all depends on the child. At this age, they are learning to read so the Step 2 brand of books are good for this.



Backpacks are great gifts for this age range ! We found these cute little bags at Burlington but I’m sure you can find them elsewhere. My son loves having a bag when we go out he can carry his toys and snacks.




My favorite brand of bags for kids are the SkipHop brand of bags.

Link to this bag:



Blocks are another favorite ! We love the Mega Bloks and foam peg blocks. Raylan really enjoys building with these blocks.


We also love the Lego Duplos and that brand has a ton of cool sets.

Link to the one pictured:


This is a good age to introduce games ! Board games and card games are fun gifts for this age. It really all depends on your little one. My son loves Go Fish, memory card games and PieFace.


Cars and Trucks

My little one loves cars and trucks so these little toys are perfect for him. He loves when they make realistic sounds or do something cool like his Cyborg Rig in the photo transforms.


I wanted to showcase some of his other cars as well.


Race Cars

We also like the smaller race cars as well. Of course with the cars, you need a way to keep up with them and keep them off the floor and organized. We use plastic containers but we also use these as well.

Link to the blue carrying case:


Cash registers are a lot of fun. There are a ton on the market so you just have to do your research and pick the one that you think your child would like best. I’m not able to find the link to the blue one, we got it from Toys R Us.

The one with the face is linked below:

If you’re going to buy a cash register, it’s a good idea to buy play money and play food.


Not all parents allow their children to play with these types of toys so if you are gifting these, ask the parent first. Nerf has a lot of incredible toys.


Disney Laser Tab Blasters

We love these laser gadgets! One of our favorite toys.


Case for Small Toys

If your little one has a ton of small Toys like Legos, cars, animals or little action figures, a carrying case like this one would be a great gift. You can decorate this little carrying case and make it personalized for the child.



Themed Toys

Themed toys are great! If your child likes a certain character or show then getting them toys from that show is a really great idea. Thomas the Train, PJ Masks, Paw Patrol and others have a lot of fun toys to offer.  Raylan likes the movie Cars so we bought him some Cars toys.



Playsets are wonderful gifts ! They come in huge packaging and seeing a big gift under the tree is so exciting for little ones.  Just read the reviews to make sure you are picking a great playset.

The ones pictured are:

~ Marvel Spider-Man Mega City Playset

~ Fisher-Price Mickey & The Roadster Racers Garage Playset

~PJ Masks Rival Racers Track Playset

~Fisher Price Sit N’ Stand Skyway



If you are thinking about buying a table this year for your little one, these are the ones that I recommend.

Crayola Art Table

It is super cute, durable and easy to build. The chalkboard that he’s writing on has a dry erase board on the back.



Character Activity Tables 

These little character tables are great gift ideas. It comes with a chair and it’s the perfect little inexpensive table.


Writing Desk

This is a writing desk. Perfect for small spaces. You can use this as a place for them to write, draw or eat or all three. We bought this from Wayfair and I will have to update the blog when I find the link.

Activity desks and writing desks are great gifts!




We love our tunnel !


Educational Gifts


Writing tools are great for this age. We had this little writing gadget for a couple of years and love it. It is the Fisher-Price Think and Learn Alpha SlideWriter.


The items on the table in the picture are great stocking ideas. I bought the puzzles from the Dollar Tree, the flashcards from the Target Dollar spot and the foam letters from Wal-Mart.



Creative Gifts

If you have a child like mine that likes to draw and create stories, you can get a draw & write journal or a sketch pad.

Art supplies and art kits are great ideas as well. You can make an art box where you fill a container with art supplies.

Link to pictured sketch book:


Furreal Pets

We can’t get enough of this tiger! We got it last year for Christmas. There are a lot of Furreal Pets to choose from but my little one wanted the tiger.


Robot Claw

My son loves these claw toys. He has so much fun picking up his toys with these toys. We received one in a subscription box and the other we bought from the Children’s Museum. You may be able to find these on Amazon.


Motorized Cars and Remote Control Cars

These are the perfect gifts for this age range.



Costumes and Masks

Costumes are not just for Halloween, they make great Christmas gifts. You can buy superheros, doctor, police or any other pretend play uniform. My son loves playing dress up and playing with his toys.


Ride-On Toys, Push Toys, Scooters and Bikes

You cannot go wrong with these types of gifts. Just be sure to also purchase a helmet. We have the Little Tikes Learn to Turn Scooter.

I Can Change the World


Personalized Gifts

I love GiftsForYouNow and ISeeMe for personalized gifts.


Subscription boxes

Subscription boxes make great gift ideas. We love subscription boxes and are subscribed to a few. You just have to make sure you order before they ship their Christmas boxes to make sure their under the tree for Christmas.

We love these boxes:

Rockets of Awesome :

Kiwi Crate:


Reading Bug Box:



This is the age where you can really get them technology and trust them with it. We have both the Kids Fire Tablet and I-Pad. We got the Kids Fire Tablet when he was 3 years old to see how he would interact with it. And recently, we got the I-Pad for him and he loves it! I recommend both the Kids Fire Tablet and I-Pad. You definitely want to make sure you get cases to protect the devices.

I also recommend getting a pair of kid headphones. I like the kid headphones because of the volume control and they are made for kids. We have the JBuddies headphones from Walmart.

We also love our V-Tech Kidizoom camera where he can record videos, take pictures, play games and edit pictures as well.

I have a review on this camera linked below:

I also recommend watches and wallets for this age. It makes them feel like big kids!


Be sure to check out the video version of this gift guide below:


And that is it for this holiday gift guide ! Tell me in the comments what’s on your little’s one wish list. 



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