Can you be proud to be black and American? I believe you can and that Black people shouldn’t be ashamed to say they’re a proud American.

I feel as long as we can remember, we (Black people) have been told that we’re not free in this country and there’s systematic racism that holds us back. I have never wholeheartedly believed that. I do believe there are some systemic issues that impact our communities like public schools and the criminal justice system. It’s no secret about the school to prison pipeline and how some are unfairly prosecuted in this country. But, I also feel that it’s possible for us to overcome.

But saying that, do I feel that the media is being completely honest when it comes to our plight in our communities? I don’t think so. I think our leaders tend to ignore the real issues in our communities and instead enrage us to the point we feel hopeless and also makes us feel nothing can be done in our communities which just leads to lawlessness and destruction.

The Black community is not hopeless and we have to learn to all think for ourselves. We don’t need anyone to lead us or tell us how or what to think. We can transform our own communities but we have to be willing to do the work. We have to push education in our communities, push skills and trades to our young people and put money into our communities.

Now, back to the original question. I think because of all of the things we’ve been told, we feel we don’t belong here. And I think that was apart of the agenda all along but I’ll write about that another day. We see how immigrants flock here and if you have ever heard the stories of immigrants, they talk about how their dreams come true in America and they have more opportunities here than their own home country. And I’ve seen those dreams happen as they open businesses, work hard and make a life for themselves.

I look at the immigrant story and wonder why natural born citizens can’t have the same outcome. Then, I realized we’ve been brainwashed and lied to by the media and our leaders. We’ve been tricked to believe we’re victims and that we can’t do anything more than what we’re doing. But, that’s not true. We can all do better. I feel like we’re pushed a certain lifestyle that only one percent of people will attain. But, there’s nothing wrong with a simple lifestyle and just working hard. We can rebuild our communities, get educated and work skilled jobs that will pay liveable wages.

But, I’ll write about solutions another day. People are flocking here for the freedom we take for granted. I also hear a lot that we were robbed of our heritage and history but we’ve made history here in America. We helped to build this country and we’ve made great strides and accomplishments in America. They knew if we loved this Country as much as they do, didn’t fight each other so much and took advantage of our birth rights, how powerful we would be. So instead, they convinced us this isn’t our country, we’re not free and you have to be helpless.

So, the answer is yes, you can be proud to be Black and American. This is our country just as much as it is anyone else’s and we have to remember just how powerful we are. It’s time to transform our communities and stop waiting on someone else to do it. We have a lot of work to do but I believe in time we will get on one accord and also enjoy the American dream that’s meant for us all.

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