I noticed that Raylan enjoys taking videos and pictures and I wanted to get him his own device to do so. He has a tablet but the tablet is huge compared to his little hands.  Anyway, for Christmas, I bought him the V-Tech Kidizoom Camera Pix and he loved it the moment he took it out the box. This camera is about $40 bucks and I think it is worth the money and I’ll tell you why.


This is a close-up of the camera. The batteries are not included and have to be bought separately.  I really like the design of this camera.


I think this camera is best for smaller children like 3-6 even though I’ve seen the suggested age range is up to 8. It is simple to use and it has big icons so my son can easily navigate the device on his own. As soon as he opened it, he knew how to use it. I love that this camera is a real device and takes real digital images and not just a toy that makes clicking sounds. It is very kid friendly with a nice wide grip and seems to be very durable. He has dropped this camera several times already and it’s still in great working condition. Perfect size for his small hands as well.


This is the home screen and I love that the icons are big and he doesn’t need to know how to read to go to the games or the video recorder because the pictures pretty much tell him what’s what.


It has a selfie mode as well and my son loves taking selfies. There are four built in games, a video recorder and voice recorder and a photo editor. I like these extra add-ons. You can also add a 2GB memory card to this device for more storage.

Now there are some cons to this device as well but I think the pros outweigh the cons. There is no flash on this device but it takes great daytime photos and videos. I will show some examples later in this blog. And even though it comes with a USB port, the USB cord is not included but luckily I have USB cords and this is not an issue.


My son is very happy with this camera and was so excited when he first opened this package. He is able to use this camera with no help at all from me and he’s 3. And the pictures are pretty good for a kid’s camera and even when my son moves a little when taking a picture, the picture doesn’t come out blurry. I am very happy with this purchase and would recommend this to anyone looking for a kids’ camera.


I waited to do this blog to see if he would still enjoy this camera months later and he still takes this camera everywhere with him and still enjoys the camera just the same.


And I can now say since my son has been using his kid camera, he can now operate my camera as well.


These are photos taken by the kid camera! Not so bad quality. I was shocked because I was expecting grainy photos.


(Photo taken by Raylan) This photo was taken by the kid’s camera in a dim room as the sun was setting. Like I stated this camera doesn’t have flash so the camera takes the best photos during the day. The filter was added by Raylan which was an option on the camera.

Money well spent on this camera I must say and I don’t regret purchasing this camera.

You can check out more information about the camera and other reviews at the link below:





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