Times can get extremely hard and finding ways to make a little extra money can be even harder. I have been unemployed for some time so I have had to get creative with making money from home. No, it won’t be a quick and easy process like some blogs suggest. But, if you don’t want to run up your credit card or take out a loan, these money making tips might be for you. I have been able to live comfortably by couponing, saving when I can and selling products and services. Even though I live at home, I am responsible for everything that my two boys need and I also have to pay utilities so I need to save and budget as much as the next person. Living at home and not paying rent on my own has helped me save money and provide for my boys. I feel like these money earning and money saving tips can help anyone that wants to save money and also earn cash.


1. Couponing

This will save your life and save you money. I never used coupons before becoming unemployed. Now, I look for coupons from brands that I shop for a lot, look for store coupons and shop with a rewards card. Shopping with a rewards card accumulates points that turns into either cash back or coupons to use on future purchases. I usually shop at Kroger’s and you can go online and add coupons to your card.

Enfamil sent me a $10 gift certificate for Rylan’s formula and my local grocery store had a save $7 when you buy two tubs of formula coupon so I was able to save $17 and able to get two tubs of formula for $63 that would have normally cost me $80.

I have included this picture because couponing let me buy all of this for $24 bucks. I took advantage of two save $10 on baby aisle products along with the sales they already had on these items.

2.  Save when you can

Pay attention to sales days and only shop when there is a great sale or you have a coupon. Train yourself to never pay full price. It is time consuming planning a shopping trip around sales days and coupons but saving money is worth it. And when you plan your trip knowing which coupons you are going to use and how to use them (if you can or cannot use them in the same transaction) it just makes everything easier and making sure you are getting the best bang for your buck. Also, save your spare change in your jar. I promise it will add up.

 3. Using the cash back rewards on your credit or debit card

This is a great way to save money and get money back from a purchase. Check with your bank if you’re not sure if you have the cash back rewards on your credit or debit card. You pretty much get money back when you shop at certain places and buy certain brands.

4.  You can also use a Cash back rewards app

I use Ibotta for this purpose. You can download the app and before going shopping, add offers from products that you use. After your shopping trip, scan the receipt and earn cash back on your purchase. Other ways to make money with Ibotta is linking a loyalty card and mobile in app purchases.  if interested, click the link below and get a $10 welcome bonus:


5. Shop in Bulk

This saves money and the amount time you go shopping for the things that you need a lot. If you don’t have a place around you that sells in bulk or you don’t want to pay a membership fee, check out Boxed. It is pretty much an online bulk store. You don’t even have to leave your house to save money and they don’t tax feminine products. You can also earn cash back on your purchases. I like shopping with them because I love the company’s mission and the CEO seems to really care about his employees. If you want to save $15 when you order $60 or more on your first order, use the link below:


 6. Surveys

This is not the easiest way to earn money but it is one of the ways to earn money. And you might not earn a lot of money this way or you might get lucky and qualify for a survey that pays 50 bucks. It is so up and down but if you have a lot of spare time, this might be a way for you to earn money. Sign up for a lot of different survey companies at the same time. Do your research and see which ones have the higher payout. My favorite has been One Opinion but I am signed up with a bunch of different ones. This site seems to send me the most surveys and I got lucky and qualified for a $40 survey. You can cash out when you get a certain amount of points.

7. Sell or Buy on Poshmark

Do you have old clothes just in your closet that you don’t really wear or looking to get rid of? if so, download the Poshmark app and start selling. You can sell men, women and kids fashions on this app. You can sell accessories and bags as well. Not only can you sell but you can shop over 5,000 brands at up to 70% off. It is really fun and really easy to use. Poshmark provides sellers with a lot of tools to help make major sales. It is definitely worth a try.

The mobile app is free to download:


Sign up with code JOSHLYN_R to get $5 off your first order

8. Consignment Selling/Buying

If the above option seems like a lot for you, check out consignment shops in your area. I have 5 different consignment shops in my area. The ones in my area sells and buys furniture, kids’ clothes and furniture, men and women apparel. It is pretty much high end thrifting. Not only can you save money buying but you can sell as well. So, if you are looking to get rid of something other than clothes and think your item may be of value, try to sell at a consignment shop. You can sometimes get the money up front or you can wait for the item to sell.

9. Meal Prep and Eat at Home

I used to waste so much money eating out. Now, I plan my meals ahead of time and try to eat at home as much as possible. I do miss those fast-cheap meals sometimes but those fast-cheap meals do add up.

10. Budget

Create a budget and stick to it. This can be difficult but try to stick to your budget as much as you can. Differentiate between your needs and wants. This is a great way to save and know how much you have to spend. There are a ton of budget mobile apps that you can download to help you start the process of creating a budget.

11. Participate in Focus groups

I have personally made good money participating in focus groups. I mean 100 bucks to participate in an interview or try out a new product is not bad at all. Google focus groups in your area to sign up with a company. Focus Pointe Global, Schlesinger Group and Jackson Associates are the ones in my area that I participate with.


Hope you all enjoyed the blog!


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